current favorite dash cams

very hard to judge the quality of the plethora of chinese dash cams being sold on amazon. Anyone have any personal experience with what you feel is the best one currently? i was just in a bad accident and now need to get one before i get my new rig.

I have the Yi dashcam, $50 off Amazon. Two of them actually, one in the front that I have had for probably 3 years or so, and last year I picked up another for a rear dashcam. No problems at all with them. I just recently had to replace the SD card for the front camera since it wore out (you can write to them only so many times before it stops working no matter what device you use).

Video quality is more than adequate and it has wifi so that you can link your phone and view and download video and make changes to the configuration and whatnot. It also makes it easier to align the camera when installing it. My front camera is tucked in front of my rear view mirror since the windshield on the H3 is already pretty small, so you can't really see the screen.

There are nicer ones out there for sure, but you can't go wrong with the Yi. The dashcam I had before that was decent, can't recall the brand, but the battery died in it and even after replacing the battery it still wouldn't work right.

And for $100 plus a couple SD cards you have front and rear cams. People are stinking liars. That's why I got a dash cam in the first place. Every time I had a problem with some psycho driver and the police got involved, the other guy would lie through his teeth so the cops wouldn't do anything without charging both of us. I got the rear one after a daycare bus driver harrassed me (seems I was going too slow for her even though it was an active school zone and a crossing to boot) and then lied about it.

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i bought the new a129 thanks for the dashcamtalk site recommendation. i'll be buying another one as well for my other car so maybe street guardian i'll try next