custom camper examples

It is a 1979 Ford F350 Creger. Not much is known about these, in fact i haven't been able to find much about them myself. Tales from rumorville said that you had to custom order these from Ford, and they sent the cab/chassis to Champion homes to build the RV. Its wonderful and perfect for me, 4wd, 400m, c6 tranny, dana 60 front and rear axles.
Magilla82, would love to see more photos (if you have them) and find out a bit more about this rig. Year, make, model? I've been toying with the idea of an 18' Toyota Sunrader because the size is just about perfect for me, but this looks pretty perfect too. Thanks!
I looked at one in the 80's up on 33's. Test drive it but didn't buy it, ended up with a f250 and a slide in. It's a really cool rig! Thx for posting.

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