custom camper examples

IdaSHO ,
you are inspiring me !

I bought a 93 Ram W250 with a Cummins ......
I want to get rid of the original box and do a flat bed ......then either slide a regular camper and close the sides or do a slide in camper like yours !

Dan ,
I have a concern .....

If the coach section is integral part of the vehicle , aint there a risk of breakage or warpage due to frame torsion in trails .......

Maybe this is why some people go for a slide in box camper only when offroading .....

because let`s face it in rough trails the frame tends to twist ,and it is noticeable that a regular pick up box will twist at a different rate then the cab ....

your opinions ?

Apples to oranges in many ways.

That rig is probably built using a cab/chassis base that utilizes a very stiff straight frame.

For the most part, chassis flex is pretty minimal. The suspension must do all the work.

The entire coach does look to be fiberglass as well, so some flexing would be perfectly fine.

The fiberglass if properly built will allow for some flex without damage.

With all that said however, flex is inevitable, especially with such a long vehicle.
So building a unit like that is quite a task if you want it to survive off road.