Custom Pop Top Camper Project Update.

The Camper project is gathering pace with materials arriving.

I received the sandwich panels last week and now I am starting to assemble the living module.

I spent several hours stating to prepare the joints and getting the panels ready and doing a trial fit for the cabin panels.

See my latest video for an update



Expedition Leader
Looks good and I'm looking forward to the canvas portion. Are you lifting the whole roof or doing a swing up rear style only?
The latest installment with the assembly of the camper cabin.

The walls are all glued together and ready for the corner trims and doors and widows to be installed.

Check out the video with my progress to date.

[video=youtube;bOjRRPsoFtU] bOjRRPsoFtU[/video]
Hi Guys, Great news the pop top roof is now ready for install, the canvas was have been made and they look amazing.

watch the YouTube video for a full explanation of the roof.

The roof will be going on this weekend.

[video=youtube;Ji2UtlFbrKg] Ji2UtlFbrKg[/video]
Roof looks difficult to close w/ one person? Will those X-brackets support strong winds?
The lifters are spring loaded and rated at 45Kgs each, once I fit the roof panel, solar panels and two fantastic fans I will be able to close it myself.

The lifters are specifically designed for RV roofs so I guess they would be made to cope with adverse weather conditions.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I had a very productive 3 days installing all of the main electrical items in the camper and cabling for other items yet to be installed.

I am very satisfied with the progress that is being done, I am well ahead of schedule.

[video=youtube;JWE18tUO3Fw] JWE18tUO3Fw[/video]