custom spacers for truck camper


I built some custom spacers/centering ramps for my cab-over camper this week. We recently went to Chaparral WMA for a hunt and we had some trouble getting the camper realigned due to there not being a level and even 40 foot section of ground to load/unload the camper. My truck was a little off camber as compared to the camper so it made it pretty tough to squeeze the bed between the jacks and such. So long story, I need a better solution because this kind of set-up for the camper will be 90% of my load/unloads. They are made out of 2x2 tubing, 2x2 angle, 1x1 tubing, some flat stock and some sliced up cutting boards as spacers. They match up perfectly to the rest of my cribbing that I carry in the bed for setting up the camper. The other cribbing are 2x4's, 2x6's and some 3/4 inch plywood that fit together to make X's that go under the camper

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Nice looking spacers. I never liked loading/unloading campers and think they should stay on in the field. If your towing a trailer, why not tow a camp trailer and put the gear in the back of the truck?


When we go on some of these hunts, we are driving 6-7 hours one-way and towing the big campers this far is just a pain. You don't even notice that little trailer back there and I can scoot along on those twisty country roads pretty easy with this set-up. Last year, we did haul the 25' camper to one of the hunts, but we were already drawn so it was worth the hassle. We are trying standby on all the hunts this year, so we have to drive all the way out there and then leave if not drawn on the day of the hunt, so this set-up is just easier.

I also use the truck camper when we haul our jeep to the jeep park in Host Springs, Arkansas, so it works great for these trips.


So they just sit in the truck bed? Meaning are not bolted to the bed?
Pretty slick and simple- I like it.
Unless there’s a reason you can’t, I’d put some big foam insulation sheets cut to fit the space between the spacers. Older truck campers seem to do better with full floor support, the insulation would be nice to if you heat the camper. (Unless you never use it when on the truck)

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Yeah they just sit in the bed. Each one is different and the ends fit perfect to the bed sides so you just set them in and they self-center. The space in-between each one will have my 2x6's laying flat and the plywood pieces I use to stabilize the camper when off the truck. The stack up of the 2x6's and plywood equals the same 2.25" height that I made the spacers. I will get some pictures of the full bed set-up tomorrow when I load for our next trip

I don't know if they still make them, but you used to be able to buy little ramp brackets that would bolt to the bed to accomplish the same thing, but I hate bolting and un-bolting stuff all the time.
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One of the best ideas I have seen. As for getting a TT, I am all for using what you have. Thanks for sharing.