Customized hard-side camper examples

Tossing a standard pickup camper on a flatbed certainly has its merits.
It creates loads of stowage, and allows you flexibility when shopping campers.
There are always slide in pickup campers on the market, pick your poison. :ylsmoke:

The the biggest benefits though, a true flatbed model is where its at.

The floorplans open up a ton, and it provides the option of a side entrance.

Rear entrances always load up with road grime. Sides stay pretty clean.

He gave me permission to post up a 12' FB version that is in process. The massive ambulance door is sweet, but I'd be going for a side entry for the reason Idasho stated. Our rear door, once we arrive at the ski resort, is grubby as hell.

Bahn FB.jpg Bahn FB2.jpg
Trying not to plug, but it fits the thread. My buddy, who is on here, will build you a shell to your specs (or fully outfit it if you wish). I may have him do a shell for my next build. I have a plan in mind. Anyway, he does great work, so might be worth a look. Very boutique:
I would be interested to see his flatbed camper mounted up in a 1-ton, crew cab truck. Very nice looking camper but that price for a shell is a tad out of reach for me (for now). It appears to have similar sleek lines and profile to a Tiger Siberian or EarthRoamer coach.
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They decided to call it the Riptide

From Bundutec; 900 lbs, outside shower, hot/cold water, furnace, power vent, awning, exterior flood lights, barn doors, roof racks. Keeping it simple!

IMG_2942-1.jpg IMG_2950-1.jpg IMG_2965.jpg IMG_2970.jpg IMG_2976.jpg


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No, the roof does not pop up, the passenger side bench "unfolds" into a 4' x 6' bed. The cabover portion is only 10" high in the interior. I had it built that way so I could have the option of carrying my windsurf boards inside. I graduated to this from a fiberglass shell so for me it is nice and roomy. Plenty of sitting headroom.