CVT Mt. Mazama trailer tent



Seems every time I search these type of tents I get different results- even from the same manufacturers. I am looking for a tent to fit on top of my M101a3 that has the ability to support 2 adults, 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. Or two adults comfortably sleeping separately (for a week during elk season-fall winter weather). I like this design as it is expandable to fit the company and weather durable. But the downside I see or expect in its design is set up time and area available compared to a RTT mounted on the trailer. Downside to a RTT is all sleeping in the same space and I expect issues with weather getting deference the tent and what ever shelter/awning is used.

What say Expo? Seems this style is popular elsewhere than North America but RTTs dominate here.


Captain Obvious
That's the first time I've ever seen that model, and it may have swayed my decision a little. We're back in the market for another tent as our small one just doesn't cut it with the little ankle biter kicking around now.

I like the extra room (the wife would certainly appreciate it as well).

I do agree with you, that does look fairly daunting to setup.

Ovrlnd Rd

Here is a link to a video shown it being taken down.

After watching that I can't see the advantage of it over a standard wall tent. The wall tent might actually be easier to put up and take down.


Dang, I was worried it would look that cumbersome to put up/take down. That said the worst part looks to be the added awning which is part of the appeal for me as it is a nice large 'dry' area immediately outside the tent entry. It seems to me that the RTT options and even a FoxWing awning wouldn't offer protection from the wind/rain/snow. I could be wrong on this and do hope I am.


Wow, that sure looks like a ton of work to set up and take down! If I knew that I was staying for a week, then sure. But if you're planning on being on the move regularly that would just not work.

I have CVT's largest RTT and even that is a pain to rig and take down on a daily basis.