Danner Mountain Light II - An on-going review


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I'm debating between these boots and a pair of Zamberlan, which I believe are having a chunking issue with a batch of their soles. I don't think you mentioned anything about traction so far. My concern is slipping on wet rocks. My current boots are great, but on their last leg and technically not hiking boots so I'm looking to see if I'm missing out on something.

I just got back from a week long backpack trip with quite a bit of rain. My buddy slipped on wet boulders so many times it made me really think I should choose my next boot wisely. Any experience there?
I have never had an issue on wet rocks or roots. Great traction on all surfaces

I really like the vibram kletterlift sole!


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Had the Danners on a 5 day Canoe trip last week. We just got my wife a pair of the Danner Mountain Light Cascade (they are in the movie "Wild") and she is enjoying them, taking some time to break in as usual.

Cooking up some fresh caught bass

Watching the sun go down

Finally got mine out on their first hike! I really think hiking in these puppies is going to be the only way to get them nice and broke in. I don't know how people who just wear them casually do it. I also soaked mine in the tub the other day and wore them all day. They are slowly coming around.

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No doubt, best way to break them in is to use them.

I had them on most of this weekend at the Vermont Overland Rally, kept my feet warm and dry despite a lot of rain Friday and cool weather at night


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What is the difference between the Mountain Light and Mountain Light II? They still sell/produce both.
Not very much other than the different leather and laces. I believe the Mountain Light II are cut slightly differently.

Maybe the Mountain Light I doesn't have the goretex liner either ?


I previously posted in your thread it was a toss up between Zamberlan and the Danner Mountain Light II. Well, after months of deliberation the Danners arrived yesterday. Now I have to shop for some boot oil and those fancy blue laces.