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Busy year last year, so I never got around to getting a build thread posted. Thanks to all the people that answered my uninformed questions last year. Not a final product yet, but it's getting close. Lots of trips planned this year.

I got caught up in the overlanding world a few years back, and have jumped in fully. I'm an amateur landscape photographer, so I use these rigs to get out to remote areas to snap a few pictures when I can. I started with a Das Bus a few years ago, and while I love it, it does have it's limits based on size. Das Bus was happy to welcome his little brother, Das Runner to the family last summer. I came across a 2003 4runner that was a one owner rig, 116k miles, and the owner was a Toyota mechanic. Needless to say, the truck is perfect. Only issue at all was the fact that it had been damaged in a hail storm, so the owner collected his check, and decided to sell. I picked it up cheap, and it's been a great platform to start from. Previous owner did the 3" OME lift, wheels, tires, exhaust, and K&N intake.

Das Bus and Das Runner definitely complement each other.

I live in the Central mountains of Colorado, so my daughter and I took it out immediately the first weekend to check it out. Handled everything no prob.

First thing on the to do list was a legit roof rack. After plenty of researching here, I went with the Prinsu Design rack. Really happy with it so far.

Also mounted up lots of lights. Rigid 30 incher, and some wide angle spots.

I also ordered a Pelfreybuilt bumper out of the gate as well, but the delivery time on that was running about 11 weeks, so I had to be patient waiting for that. I spent a good amount of fall cruising around Colorado snapping some great pics though. Das Runner got me everywhere I needed to go.

Bumper finally arrived, and it was as awesome as I had hoped. I also added rock bars you can see in the 3rd pic.

I added a small light bar in there as well, but apparently haven't snapped a pic of it.

Next up, I just picked up a roof top tent. I went with a relative newcomer to the industry, Denver Outfitters, as the price was right, and they are a somewhat local company to me. Hopefully it's a good product.

I had to move the lights forward so that the liftgate fully opens without hitting the tent. One thing I really love with the Prinsu rack is the fact that I can just unbolt the two cross members it's resting on and lift the tent right off the rig. I will mount a lift on the ceiling in my garage to hoist it up.

So that's the build so far. I have a set of cargo boxes in the garage that I'll get set up in the back this weekend, and I will move my ARB fridge and water tanks back and forth between the two rigs depending on what I need for each trip. I'll continue updating as I add more to it. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Did you get the gas struts or the hand crank for your OverRoam RTT?
How much does it weigh?
Any experience camping with it yet?