Death Valley Overland Trip Report - Complete


Fantastic write up!!

Was curious about the cargo bag you have on the JB rtt... I have an explorer evo, and not much luck finding info online...

Also, did the place you filled up mid trip have diesel?? Thanks!

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This is an awesome trip report (even if it is over a year old). It's too bad the photos are no longer displaying.

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Brat Driver
I saw the photos just fine.

I am heading out to DV this weekend for 3 days. I am so excited now lol. Except for the washboard. My old truck (and me) hates washboard.


I just caught this trip report. It was amusing to read about the decrepit outhouse at Eureka Sand Dunes. My first visit there was in 1988 with a follow-up in 1990. I'm not sure if it was the first visit, or if in fact the outhouse was built between '88 and '90, but I have memories of it being nearly new, very clean, and an unexpected luxury in that location. I guess that was a while ago ...