Debating moving from a 100 series to a Titan Pro-4x

Yeah, while durable the engine is not powerful. I'm working with a stomping 235 hp in mine. 320 torques isn't bad and the 5-speed in the 2003+ saves it, but no one will say its overpowered. Considering the Titan CC and the 100 series weigh almost the same, the extra 80hp will be very welcome. I believe the Titan is rated for slightly better MPG too.

Do you get any rub with your lift and tires? From what I've read the 2008+ are better suited to the larger tire sizes, but I haven't found anything conclusive. I would prefer to stay narrow, like a 285/75 or 295/70, which should help too.
I had to perform the "pinch-weld mod" which basically meant trimming the inner-fender plastic and then reattaching the push-pin fasteners. I also replaced the factory UCAs with an aftermarket brand when I installed the coilovers. It will still slightly rub at full lock if the suspension articulates up or down but mot very much. Prior to my 35's I had the metric equivalent of 34x11.50s and the 35s seem to ride a bit nicer but probably a BFG vs. Nitto rather than the size.

Do you think you would have rubbing issues if you went narrower? Are the edges of the tread rubbing (width issue) or is the middle of the tread rub (diameter issue), or both?


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Until about 3 weeks ago, I had a 2015 Titan Pro-4X. I can tell you it was a great truck in most ways. Mileage could be better, but it was a very capable truck I regularly took on fairly difficult trails here in Colorado. In fact, the only reason I sold it was that my local Nissan dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a 2017 Pro-4X which I think will serve my needs, which include towing a medium sized travel trailer.
Thanks for the feedback. Did you have a lift or anything on it? I saw rocky road has some armor for the titan to protect the shock mounts and rear diff, as well as a u-bolt flip kit. Do you guys think they're worth it? Prices are pretty reasonable, at least compared to parts for my Land Cruiser.
A few months ago I picked up a used 07 with 72k on it. In the pics it showed the Pro 4x stickers although the owner did not advertise it as such. We had a good chuckle when I asked him about it and he admitted he just liked the stickers and picked them up off ebay :)

Point is 2008+ have the pro 4x package available but from what I saw it actually provides I wouldn't make it a priority. I am not in the position to buy new vehicles so i spend a lot of time i the old research dept. As far as I can tell the pro 4x has bilsteins and bigger stock tires with some basic underbody protection. The only thing you cant add yourself is the electronic locking rear diff, as far as i can tell. I may be missing something else.

I have used it with bars and a RTT, and then I put a cheap used cap on it, plus built a platform with underbed storage. I much prefer the bed cap to the RTT. Not sure if your looking for backwoods camping or just a driver but in the PNW it rains. A lot. The RTT was good but anything below in the bed would get wet. We have talked about getting top racks for the RTT but I'm to old to be climbing up and unzipping that nonsense. Still have the tent in the garage but we may get rid of it. But I digress...

The only "performance" improvement was adding Falken Wildpeaks (not as good as the BFG's but a great buy for the price) and have had the beast on goat paths in the cascades and the coast range. I had zero issues slogging through PNW brand mud. I plan on adding Bilstein 5100's and better brake pads next. Some aftermarket parts are a bit more limited in comparison to Toyota's but there is plenty to get the job done. Bash plates are on the agenda as well but further down the road. There are some quirks, like every vehicle. Gas mileage aside, I chose the Titan over our other SUV every time. Runs like a champ, has plenty of power and easy upgrades like the air intake can provide some additional horses if you feel the need

Finally, the back seat. The only issue I have with it is they do not recline enough. It's just stupid because the rear seat has enough legroom for your standard sized NBA player. My 12 yo daughter loves it though, it's like riding in another county from the people up front.

Even with my 10 year old truck I hate to scratch the paint but if you live where there are tight trails you will get them, its wide. As mentioned MPG is written wrong its GPM in this beast. I usually clock about 12 mpg.

Couldn't find a good shot with the cap on but this is from a mixed moto/truck trip into the mountains in NE Oregon (plus my Yammie looks dead sexy);

and with the RTT in Idaho or Wyoming...

Needless to say, I'm a fan.
l feel AggroCrag gave you some good advice- be honest with yourself about your lifestyle and "wants". A truck is a truck but I love them. I just went through a similar endeavor but it turned in to a very expensive lesson for me.
I traded a perfect 2011 Tundra in for a 2017 Tacoma because I felt like I needed a smaller vehicle for exploring and wanted better gas mileage. I hated the Tacoma. It was small, felt cheap and mileage was not that great. After two months of ownership, I went back looking for my Tundra but it was gone to auction. I went back to the dealer and handed them the keys and got a 2017 4runner. I have always been infatuated with 4runners and the deal presented itself so i took it. I drove it for two months and the entire time i was driving it, I wanted my Tundra back. I loved the 4runner but missed the truck- the large backseat, the ability to throw a dead animal in the back (I deer hunt) as well and going to Lowes and picking up some boards.

I finally convinced my wife that I needed a truck again so started looking and found an awesome deal on a new 2017 Pro 4X. I love this truck! I've lost about 6K in trading and depreciation but like I said, I learned a lesson and I'll never be without a truck again. If you are serious about a Titan, I would urge you to find a 2017 at a dealer and go talk to them. I was blown away at the incentives they are offering now and got this vehicle for almost 10K below MSRP. The tech is light years ahead of Toyota trucks and the power is just silly in this thing. Good luck!