The Yak

I have just been reading the February 2020 edition of Land Rover Owner magazine in which there is a write up from a journalist on a ride along demonstration drive in a 6 cylinder petrol (gas) engine 110 driven by a LR demo driver.

The photos show the usual auto box gear shifter/selector on the dash whilst I read " Mike's using the steering wheel's flappy paddles to change gear, but admits doing that simply because he likes to. He suggests just leaving it in auto for normal driving".

Hope that helps...

part time nomad

not sure will take another look in a couple of weeks. I have always found that the box makes a pretty good job of it om its own! but its nice to play/

Paddler Ed

Any ideas as to why they put the gear selector up on the dash instead of on the steering wheel column? I get that not having it in the console allows for storage in the console or the 3rd middle seat, but why a handle selector up on the dash?
Europe doesn't really do column shift - also potentially hassle with swapping between LHD and RHD (which side of the column do you want it on?) although, this might be less of a problem with it being probably electrical shifting rather than the old fashioned mechanical linkage shifters of the past

A lot of commercial vans in Europe use that method, it seems quite convienient! and as you say it allows for the 3rd seat
Ergonomically, they fall to hand quite nicely and more intuitive than a column shift for many European drivers.

On the steering wheel column, you're more likely to accidently hit it than if on the dash. There are enough buttons and stalks with buttons on the steering column.
More things to get confused with... I'm sure some drivers struggle with the up and down motion that operate indicators...

part time nomad

I must admit I would like a bit bigger engine, I am going for the 2L 240 bhp its got 430nm torque @1400rpm. all less than I would like but without going for petrol, its the best they do.!
I have driven the engine in a Discovery and it feels fine, but not sure what it will be like with 3500kgs trailer hooked up?