Degenerative disk disorder with sciatica. Combine that with a lifted 4x4 truck...


I have 2 considerable health / mobility issues.

One as I mention in another thread, is obstructive sleep apnea, the second is degenerative disk disorder that has lead to sciatica. I can climb to a limited extent, but a gentler slope than a straight up ladder would be far easier for me to manage...

The good thing is the leg effected is the left side, I step onto the nerf bar on my truck with my right leg and step right in. However boosting myself up with the left is tough to do...

As I mentioned elsewhere, the truck is an '04 F150 4x4, with a 2.5" lift / level (Rancho Quicklift Loaded with Moog HD springs). Right now I have 35x12.50/17s on it, but want to step down to 33x12.50/17. The 35s rub a touch even with fender trimming...

So that leads me to, what best to use to get up and down in / out of the camper in the back of the truck?

I would love something like a step stool, but not sure about what are on the market that are durable enough, and aren't almost vertical.


A big consideration for hitch steps is whether you need to clear an open tailgate or not. I recently got this one:
which clears my toyota tailgate, but likely wouldn't work with a full size tailgate.
If you don't have a tailgate, there are a lot more options, including folding camper stairs
Also, as someone with back problems the Backjoy has made a big difference for me.


I’ve been there with the sciatica... not fun.

I’m guessing one of the keys is to be able to step up onto a stool large and stable enough that you can get completely on it and “reset” for the next leg position. Places like Home Depot have lots of aluminum stools / work platforms in the ladder area that are usually 12-18” high and sometimes as much as 4’ wide.

I would try something like that. You can also sit on them for putting in shoes and such.


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Regarding sleep apnea,I lasted a week with the CPAP machine before getting one of the oral mouthpieces.
In my case it works wonders.