Delorme in Maine


Im planning a trip up to western Maine this fall and Im doing a lot of planning using my trusty paperback Delorme from 2009. The area that I am looking at shows a few barriers and gates and such, however when I look at the same areas using Google Sat view, I see no such barriers. The imagery date on the Google Sat shows 2018, so I was thinking about getting the 2015 rev of the paper Delorme. Would it be a good idea or would these invisible to Google gates not have been updated?
I know its only $20, but i hate to just toss it away when my 2009 rev could be sufficient.

Basically, how much goes into updating the Delorme maps between releases?
Being a Mainer, IMHO you want the latest DeLorme. It will not be 100% accurate by any means but it helps. I’ve found a few gates in my rambles that failed to show on the sat images too. Washouts are common as well. I use both, keep my fingers crossed, and always prepared to have to drive in reverse a fair distance before I can turn around if my hopes for route does not pan out. Western Maine is beautiful. Enjoy!
Perfect. $10 done deal
I agree it is always best to have several resources available to you when one may be wrong
To find which one is wrong takes some wheels on the ground. Thats half the fun
Unfortunately maps and atlases rarely show the below problem. I check out an area I want to explore by looking at atlases and topo maps and even look at it on Google Earth. Then I create a track to follow on my Montana. After driving a rough two-track for a while I encounter this and have to turn around. Happens more time than I like!
I spend 20 days a year exploring/wheeling/camping in the great state of Maine and have relied on Gazetteer since Ronald Regan was in the Whitehouse. Just got back from 5 days in NMW. You will find far more detail, and far more up-to-date conditions, in Delorme Gazetteer hard maps than any software. Period. As Shoeman noted you'll want the most up to date Gazetteer. I'm running 2013 but think they updated 2016 but could be wrong. BTW, there are gates noted in the Gazetter that may or may not be open.For example Plum Creek has opened the east bound gates up near Jackman/Moose river so you can get over to Round Mountain and Eustis (via Holeb Pond) now. If you try and route via the Gazetter you'll see the area gated off. Happy Trails!
#7've gotten good advice here....use the latest version, but be prepared to turn around, which on lots of small single tracks means backing up. ;)

Also while Google maps "will" plot routes it definitely doesn't pick up many bridges that are out so dont even try to use it, at least in the NMW. Have fun!