Delorme Spot Tracker In Nepal. Any luck????


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Hi! I have been researching Spot Tracker for quite a while. Hopefully someone from this forum can assist. I cannot pull the trigger on this until I can confirm there is good recent performance in the area I will be in-Northeastern Nepal.(Dhading and Tipling areas).

Anyone have luck with DeLorme Earthmate® PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator in Northeast Nepal?

THe Global Coverage map is iffy and has not been updated since 2009. I will be above treeline.

I know that Eric Larson had great luck with it on Everest last fall. His location is not near where I will be.
Any info is appreciate and needed asap.


You need to look at the coverage of the Global Star satellites orbiting the globe. SPOT uses them , and depending on where they are it, could take up to 20 minutes to transmit the signal in America. Are they flying over Nepal or on the horizon???

I own both the PN 60 and SPOT and I trust them a separate units more so than a built in device. I want to know my SPOT is always working regardless of what the PN-60 is doing?


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Thanks you for the responses.

The Globalstar coverage map has not been updated since 2009. That is why I asked if anyone has recently (since 2010) used the SPOT tracker communicator in the Dhading or Tipling area. only interested in text, custom message purpose.SPOT Tracker customer service will not answer any of my questions regarding this. DeLorme says they cover it, but the service for the custom texting/tracking is with SPOT.

I also read about a new app for Iphone that is suppose to do the same exact thing with SPOT tracker. However once again, cannot get info from SPOT tracker people.

@expeditionswest did you do the tracking and custom tweeting with the equipment I referred to? Any issues? Not too concerned about 20 minute delays... I just want to make sure they get out within a reasonable time as well as the tracking.
NOTE TO SPOT TRACKER... Answer questions regarding coverage and service quesitons..PLEASE.