Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa


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Welcome to ExPo, David!

I hope you can find time to write a brief summary of your experiences driving in DRC in 2010, particularly about the route via Tshikapa. It would be a great addition to the information and experiences shared in this thread.

I hope you're successful in raising the funds to get back on the road.
Hi Josephine and Frederick,

Just finished reading about your adventure. One of the most compelling "simple reports" I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
It is so refreshing to read something that is written with such honesty and candor.
Frederick & Josephine,

I just want to say thanks for the time an effort you put into this report. I've known about its existence on ExPo and read the first pages initially, however have been waiting for the right time to sit down and read it through in its entirety.

I started reading comments after your final posts and became frustrated with many, so I skipped over them, I'm not here to discuss what you did and didn't do. What you did do was an amazing feat, something that my wife and I would never try to accomplish, I guess our sense of adventure stops a little bit short of yours, and I thank you for taking the time to share it in this way.
Though I am new to this forum I did not come here for this story. I must say however, once I stumbled across it I was completely hooked.

Thank you both for taking the time to write about your adventure. I've spent the last 24hrs reading this thread.

If you ever make it to Chicago look me up and we'll have a nice :beer:

Adam in Chicago


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Awesome. Just awesome and awe inspiring. I had to join just to chime in. :beer: (I prefer a lambic when drinking Belgian.) cheers. Thank you.
I too felt compelled to join to express my gratitude for posting your trip report. I hope you will have the time and energy to recount some of your other adventures.


Hi guys, thanks again for all the great feedback! Apologies for our silence of the last weeks. We spent some much needed time in Marocco... With our Landcruiser ofcourse ;-)

I still owe you guys two posts: one with practicalities about the route (gps info,..) and one with a bit more info about equipment. It will not be for this week, but it's coming... soon(ish). :)
Radio Baobab Webcast

Towards the end of last year, Frederik and Josephine presented at the Overland Live webcast series.

F&J: Thanks again for sharing your trip.

The original recording (using Webex) is still available however a MP3 of the talk is now available and a video clip:

That's far and away the best web-based expedition log/ trip report I've ever read - only recently signed up to the forum and had to read about your travels from start to finish!

I'm mightily impressed by your courage, determination and fascinating insights. I salute you !