Designs for ambulance and RV beds

I’ve not yet got an ambulance but I watch keenly to see how others have designed their interiors. This idea from Pinterest made me think that, with a slight change to make it a slat bed that expands as many have used, it could be a space saver in an ambulance (with no window?) above the long side bench opposite the kitchen.

But it will take someone smarter and handier than me to make it work - strong and lightweight. It incorporates a table as well. It would even be good for a trailer like the 26RR which I have.

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Do some measuring. Seems to me you would not have a place to sit at the table?? as in by the time you flipped it out... there would not be enough room to put chairs and access anything else.. without folding table back up to get another beer out of the fridge.

IMHO the bed idea is good..... but use tv trays for table or even body trays. Something like