Dinoot Offroad Trailer

Well, the time has come to sell our current offroad trailer as we've decided on an upgraded one that can better suit our needs.
This trailer is based off a Jeep Wrangler tub and was the first one ever produced by the company. Seriously, the first one ever! I was a product tester for this company and it has performed flawlessly since it's inception.
This is a Jeep Trailer J-Series from Dinoot. It has a custom made frame made out of 3/16" 2" X 2" square tubing with a 2500lb axle underneath of it. The springs are 3500lb, both from Tractor Supply Company. This allows for better articulation and less sagging when the trailer is loaded. The tub is made out of fiberglass and is extremely strong and durable. It has reinforced wheel wells and the floor is pressure treated 3/4 Plywood. EVERYTHING has been coated both top and bottom with truck bed liner. I usually redo this at the beginning of every season to keep it looking fresh. The tub size is 5X5 feet.
The fenders are off of Jeep Wrangler and the rear drop down gate is from a Wrangler as well. It has been custom installed with a drop down hinge system and limiting strap that keeps the tail gate level when it's down. The latch is in working condition just like a normal Wrangler would be. The rear most panel has been reinforced with triangle steel braces to ensure there is no flex when the rear door is used.
The tires are 285/75/R16 All-Terrains that are made by Pro Comp. They likely have 1/4 tread left on them, but I also have a set of 3 of the same size mud terrains made by Eldorado I would include in the purchase price. These have about half tread left. Even in their state they will run for many miles without worry. The wheels are stock steel Jeep rims in a 5x4.5 pattern.
The trailer also has a custom made 3 axis hitch that is welded directly into the trailer tongue. This is great because with the pull of one pin you can leave the trailer with a "tubed" end that would make towing it away fairly adventurous for a wood be thief. I'll post a pick of that in a bit.
This trailer has been tested and is tried and true and in great shape. It has been towed all over New England to include the ENTIRE Vermont Overland Trophy when I did it the third
year a few years ago freighted with all of my gear and an RTT. I wouldn't hesitate to bring it anywhere and I mean anywhere.
It's had a few additions in it's past from a tongue box that I got rid of to a wooden top that I placed my RTT on for a while. These would work great if someone wanted to add them as Ive had them on there before.
The link below is to the specs on this trailer directly from the Dinoot site. Notice the weight. It's in the vicinity of 4-450 lbs. at it's current state. This makes towing it a breeze and when it's freighted with your goodies, you don't have to think about regearing just to tow a trailer behind you. It tows great on any terrain.
Currently the tub kit is going for $860 unassembled to your door WITHOUT shipping. Add in the REAL steel frame that was custom made, the axle, springs, wheels, tires, fenders, tailgate, 3 axis hitch and then the assembly of EVERYTHING, one would be well into the $3K mark.
I'm looking for $2000 or best reasonable offer. MAKE AN OFFER!

As it sits for sale.

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