Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
It's gotta be hard to have to get back on the boat so soon at all the stops. Beautiful scenery!
For sure. I think a great way to do it would be to book just one leg at a time and unload with the truck. Once you're content book the next leg of the trip and leave. Or prebook, but give yourself at least a couple days at each stop. We saw some others doing that.


Well we have a day where nothing seems to work out, but we still enjoy the sites, manage to stock up and fuel up in Fairbanks before heading north to start the Dalton Highway.

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Looking forward to catching up, Ive been swamped with work since Janurary.
I now find myself working backwards through your videos.

The comment about bald eagles made me laugh, when I was working the Alalska and Bering Sea contracts I woould get so sick of them, they are big, and do not care. haha they know they are able to do whatever they want.

Cell service in Alaska is a tricky thing, I had verizon in Anchorage and Wasilla, some of the larger places. For the most part, Alaska has one cell provider. They were put into place Via an uncle sam contract quite a few years ago, and then the towers sold to (GCI). With it being sooo expensive to build the infasttructure, and GCI not playing nice with other carriers. The larger ones dont have much of a grip to put the money into re doing an entire system for Alaska.
And GCI knows they are the onle game in the state for the most part...

I took a contract on a vessel, a few years back. I had never been on the ocean before, ended up on the ship for 60ish days straight w.o walking on land, Do i have some storries about that... Turns out I dont get sea sick. They vessel went from Dutch Harbor all the way back to Seattle. It was november and when we got to see the inside passage she was beautiful.

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