Disabling ESP


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Has anyone had any luck disabling the ESP. I recently upgraded to the Viking springs and King Shocks and now it goes off at the slightest curve and is not being canceled out without significant pressure on the brake pedal or gas.

I have heard of it being done, but I have no idea where to start.




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It's a 2002. Yes, current tire size is 285/70/18. I've been running these tires for close to 120,000 miles. Ive had minor ESP issues here and there, but after the new springs its much more apparent

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What year is your G?

Did you also add larger tires?

You will need to have someone with Star tools modify the ESP settings. Lots of info here http://www.pointedthree.com/disc/forums/showthread.asp?tid=9622&posts=54&mid=107881&highlight=largest+tire&highlightmode=1&action=search
This modification helps some, but even after the t-case/"ESP" setting changes, my 285/75/16 K02s on Hutchinson beadlocks still required me to drive with left foot sliding on the brake on curvier roads. :(