DMSKI's 2006 Xterra


Winch is in! Decided to go with an Engo SR10k which fit with the solenoid box in the standard configuration in my ARB bumper setup. Decently quiet and seems to work nicely. Went in with almost no fuss, except for the roller fairlead which I had to move the mounting holes to accommodate the ARB's holes.


Wow its been a minute since I've updated this thread. I'm going to cross post everything I have on thenewx over to here just to keep it updated.

Finally got my photobucket nightmare all sorted and can upload photos again.

A few months ago we made a trip to Tahuya. I met up with my brother and Albatrosscafe and had a blast wheeling the ORV park and seeing some of the new obstacles they have put in there. Dereks rig is a beast! Envious of his list of mods and would love to eventually get there one day.



Another update was that I installed a rear storage area. Custom made and was a fun little project. I still need to work out the sleeping arrangement. I was tired of digging for gear and having my boxes slide around in the back of the truck. This worked out really well. Built myself a rear storage setup. Design parameters that were important to me:

1. Low enough profile in back
2. Drawers to reduce clutter and be easy to get to stuff when I had a ton of gear piled in the back
3. Flat top with storage wings on either side
4. Have the option to build in a sleeping setup in the future
5. Maintain the lower storage compartment
6. Mount to the unistrut channel in the truck
7. Look decent enough

I ended up building the whole thing out of 5/8" plywood and used some free southco latches from work, and 100lb drawer slides from rockwell hardware and bolted it to the floor using 3/8" unistrut inset mounts. All in it cost me $80ish dollars and works well. I still need to build a sleeping setup that I have an idea for, carpet the box, as well build the small side storage compartments using some free hinge material and leftover wood.



And the last update was from a recent snowshoe/snowwheeling trip.

Got out for a bit of snow wheeling with [MENTION=62986]AlbatrossCafe[/MENTION]. The idea was to get to the end and snow shoe the rest of the time. The trail was easy until the very last bit where we had to get around a stuck xterra to pull them out from the front (no rear recovery). The slight hill caused everyone issue except for [MENTION=62986]AlbatrossCafe[/MENTION] who made it look easy and walked right up.
Beckler Snow Wheeling-13 by nicklowe-hale, on Flickr

Beckler Snow Wheeling-9 by nicklowe-hale, on Flickr

In addition, I've basically purchased all the parts to titan swap this beast. I'm now awaiting on a free weekend (still a ways out as I type this from a hotel room in Ohio...). I'm stoked for getting a rear locker as well as a lot more travel. I have opted to go with a franken leaf pack setup out back with an M226 in 3.36 flavor from a pro4x and then an M205 that I had to rebuild in 3.36 up front with the tundra titan swap coilovers. Full parts list that I have is over on thenewx but I can post that over here if people would find it helpful.
Ah man, where were you in Ohio? Hopefully it wasn't too close to me here in the NW part. That snowshoeing trip looks like it was a great time. Keep on posting your adventures for me to drool over.
Ah man, where were you in Ohio? Hopefully it wasn't too close to me here in the NW part. That snowshoeing trip looks like it was a great time. Keep on posting your adventures for me to drool over.
I was in Cleveland for the week! It was pretty cold but overall a decent trip. Glad to be back in the PNW to get some more trips under the belt though!
Cross post from TNX.

Well, the Titan Swap has happened! Started Thursday night and I've been basically working non stop all weekend and in the evenings up until last night when I was able to do a test drive. I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious about this process, as this is my daily driver... A huge round of thanks to my understanding fiancee, parents for borrowing the garage and TNX members Glamisdude, AlbatrossCafe, jeffnjm3, Lizardking and others for taking the time to answer my many questions on their setups. Wouldn't have been able to gather the right info without them testing the waters themselves. That's why this forum is awesome!

First impressions:
Initially I was like holy balls this thing is tall (sat at 39.75 front and 41 rear). Luckily it settled to 37.75" front ground to fender and 40" rear ground to fender. Droop up front is measured at 41.5" which is basically full shock extension and when my Rough Country UCA's hit. Hub to fender is at 23" so basically 4" over stock and likely still to settle a tad. No binding anywhere else. I was able to garage align the truck decently and it took two rounds of bleeding the brakes to get the pedal feel back. It drives really well, although I've noted that my ABS doesn't seem to kick on unless I really slam on the brakes (think there is air in ABS system) and my rear end is rather high which is causing vibrations from 28-35mph even with a 3 degree shim.

Things I still need to accomplish:
  • Get real alignment
  • Fix ebrake cables (they are all plumbed and somewhat work, but when both mounts near the spring and joiner for the ebrake handle are connected, the ebrake is tensioned too tightly)
  • Check ABS system and potentially bleed (unsure here still)
  • Drill out front right CV flange bolt that I so lovingly snapped off (long story, but though I cleaned the rust out of the threads and didn't do it enough)
  • Lower rear height (if it doesn't settle)
  • Wire E locker (tested it does work, now just need to run lines)
  • Retorque EVERYTHING
  • Install Extended bumpstops
  • Install 3-4" lift Bilstein 5125's

Now onto the swap. Starting out.

"While I'm in there" phase... replaced hubs, rotors and pads up front.

Rough country UCA's in.

Comparison shot. I opted to go with the Tundra Bilsteins with custom top hats and 2013 FJ cruiser springs. Thanks to jeffnjm3, Lizardking, Glamisdude and jsexton for testing this setup extensively. Their take on it is spot on, and the front feels wider, but drives just like my old lifted OME setup.

Out with the old, in with the new. My front diff has given me headaches from the beginning what with being shipped with a snapped flange. Found a replacement and promptly snapped a bolt off in the uncleaned threads (kids, learn from me). Still need to figure this out, but 5 out of 6 should be road drive-able until I can get a chance to drill out and clean threads.

Snapped bolt:(

LCA, UCA, new inner and outer tie rods and new hub in. Left everything loose to be able to pull the UCA off and get my axle and shock in easier.

Tundra Bilsteins in! Note that mine had the green and yellow as driver side coil (longer).

Passenger side all buttoned up with new brakes and rotors.

Inital height up front. Lawd jesus.

The rear axle was thankfully a cake walk. I rebuilt my OME medium duty leaf packs following jeffnjm3's setup using an ebay AAL with pucks on the ends and the HD OME leaf. I have a full drawer setup in the back so weight was sagging the old setup, and this is also perfect for the inevitable rear tire carrier I'd like to try and get down the road. I need to lower it down a hole on the shackles still.

Old axle out.

New axle prep.

Leaf springs rebuilt.

New axle in.

And how she sat after all freshly installed. Settled quite a bit after driving it.

I will have my entire old setup and diffs for sale here soon which includes the following:
OME medium duty front coils with 1.5" lift spacer
OME rear shocks
OEM Tie Rods Inner and outer
Rear C200k 3.13 axle without brakes
Front R180 3.13 diff
Front R180 halfshafts
Thanks man! It’s been a fun work in progress and so much still needs to be done. It rides great now though. Just as good or better ride than previously and way more travel.
Poser shot, but she is running great! Need to get out and use it in the dirt now. The rear is a tad stiff, but I built it that way intentionally to hold more gear/expected rear bumper.
Updates to come! Was out in the dirt for the first time with the titan swap and it was pretty sweet!
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Got Mud?

Derek, Nick and I sure did. This was from a recent trip to Stampede Pass area and a good break in run for the titan swap. All i have to say is going the swap route is freaking sweet! Love having a locker and the extra travel. Only downside is the amount of mud I get everywhere...

Some sections were a bit deeper than others. I was waiting for Derek to get through and couldn't get out of the ruts and then got fully stuck when trying to rock back and forth... Sadly we had to wear the cone of shame while getting rescued by a Toyota.

A little river crossing:

Then the Landcruiser got stuck to even the score.