Do you feel the need to have a weapon when camping

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A few years ago "we" were invited to go camping with some of my wife's co-workers.

Now right up front, I am a loner and prefer solo outings vs group gatherings. I find most people lack self awareness, manners, and common sense.

So we end up in a NF campground that is fairly remote here in No. Cal. And there are fresh posters posted about bear activity in the area.
We get set up and settled and one of the gals needed a hair clip and my wife told her there was one in our tent. I had a rifle in a case laying on our sleeping bag and this woman saw it. She come out of the tent and asks...very loudly..."is that a gun!?!?!"

So now the topic around the fire is I have a gun in camp. Found out quickly who had liberal life views. And this gal is going on how she just does not feel safe knowing there is a gun in camp.

Later that night after everyone is bedded down we awake to screaming and yelling followed by a brunch of crashing through the woods.

Now everyone is up and and the fire is stoked back up etc. And miss anti-gun is in my face asking me to get my gun out.

We had been visited by a bear and some of the couples had left food on the table right next to their tents. No one hurt and I am pretty sure the bear was just as afraid as the people once the screaming started.

Next day the topic was they were sure glad there was a gun in camp.
Why is there an assumption that all lefties are anti-gun? Are all righties pro-gun?

Its what we are being fed.


Why is there an assumption that all lefties are anti-gun? Are all righties pro-gun?

Its what we are being fed.
Because, generally-speaking, that's how people fall on this issue. There are exceptions to that norm obviously, as there are some democrat-leaning voters, and politicians, who are pro-2nd amendment in places like Montana and Vermont. But for the most part, people approach this issue along partisan lines.
I for one always have one of my carry handguns with me in the city or in the bush doesnt matter. I generally have a knife as well. And if it comes down to it i keep an old bolt action in my truck while im out in the bush. I'm not afraid of a bear attack or other animals as they are generally easily scared off. I carry because i dont trust humans. I may not need it but its not going to hurt me to carry it.
Now ive been drilled with firearm saftey since i was 4 and have been shooting since 5. And I have served in the US Marine Corps as on 0311 for 6 years. I havent had to worry about kids getting into my firearms since my wife is still pregnant with our first. But i will be drilling firearm saftey into him the same way it was drilled into me. Education and familiarity are crucial to firearm saftey.

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No, we have a major problem with gun crimes and straw sales contribute to it. It's common sense, you gun nuts need to wake up.
I'm jumping in here with my moderator hat on. The original post raises an interesting question about who does, and does not, feel a need to have a firearm while camping. Great question with many thoughtful answers provided.

We're now dancing on the brink of the typical discussion degradation with name calling and escalating political arguments which historically have proven to not change minds, only divide our members.

Let's keep it on topic if possible.

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when i go camping i usually deploy a m-134 with motion sensors. makes for a great variety of breakfast in the morning.


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I carry everywhere, discreetly. And so does my wife. Low key, no one is the wiser, and no unwanted opinions.

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I carry concealed a majority of the time. My wife is very much anti-gun, yet there are times when she asks me if I'm carrying so she'll feel safe. Guess it just depends.


I always have a knife on me- whether I'm camping or shopping for groceries. Not for my own defense but rather the utility a knife provides.
When camping I always have a loaded rifle around (usually a 30-30). I don't like to keep my dog on a leash when camping so the gun is more so to ward off any predators if need be
The only two times I tought I might have to use my CCW gun was when we were confronted by dogs. I hope your dog stays close to you when you camp. In my area dogs, cats, pigs... that are assumed to be feral are shot on sight. It may sound cruel but a few years back rabies became a problem in our area and even today any mammal that didn't seem right or in the right place could easily become a target.
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Lol people are people regardless of nationality. It's like you think the same drug has different effect on someone depending on their geographic location.


In an effort to get back to the op post - "do you feel the need to carry while camping". I will say that due to where I camp, my answer is that I carry. Need is a strong word, in my case "prefer" would be a better fit.

Am I worried about lions and tigers and bears? Meh, not really. The only possible exception to that is spring turkey season in bear country. Even then, I would prob prefer bear spray if that was my ONLY concern.

As a hunter in the western us, I spend A LOT of time behind extremely expensive optics in very remote places. Either wilderness or places where it takes effort to even drive to.

It is great to be in remote places and participate in nature from a distance and observe animals that have no idea you are watching them.

However, if you have spent any considerable time behind a spotting scope watching things from a distance, you realize quickly that the most dangerous animal walking the earth is a human that thinks no one is watching. The two-legged critter is more dangerous than ANY animal that walks on four legs.

The further away from "civilization" you go, the less consequences people seem to consider for their actions. Especially if they have done something unbecoming (which is a high percentage of people that call themselves 'hunters').

It is for that reason I carry.


Sounds like a classy lady. Is that her screen name?
I suppose "Classy" could fit. Dunno screen name.
Big Gulp referenced her two 32 ouncers. Or maybe my friends see her first reaction is a big gulp.
Anyway, those days. I felt the need to carry while camping. A 4"S&W mod 19. Further odd coincidence, That revolver seemed to weigh about 32 oz.
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Ias a "civilized" society
There is no such thing. If humanity ever does become civilized, they won't be nationalistic and arguing over who has a better country.

That's just another example of the tribalistic nature of humans.

And it won't change any time in the forseeable future. Pretty much all Earth type species of life are selfish, competitive and aggressive. Humans have bigger brains, but the brains have the same genetic programming as the other species of social group mammals.

They say the dog is man's best friend - until the dog gets hungry enough. Same with people.
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