Doc's 05 Tacoma Build Thread

Dave Bennett

*Edit* I posted this in the camper build but am placing it here as well since some things apply to both truck and camper ;)

Finished out the "utility compartment" inside the FP, note the toolbox tray and divider keeping the electric and air apart from the commode. This was a safety concern for me as I wanted things kept apart and not sliding around.

Lightweight divider wall with air holes and 1.5 inch lift for the commode that doubles as a shower deck in camp.

Completed utilities compartment (for now) with National Luna Power Pack, Blue Seas 6 circuit fuse block powering the LED camper lighting and air, and Viair 400C air compressor. Compressor has a remote switch at the drivers seat and is plumbed to the rear bumper for no-fuss air use.

Exterior air quick connect, armored and protected from mischief when the swingout is closed ;)

Added a hefty magnet to catch those pesky bottle caps in camp.

One of the reasons for the whole build - Savannah the Happy Camper!!!



That kid is worth cloning, Super adorable!! My 3yr old girl is my favorite travel companion by far. I wish they could stay 3 for about ten years lol!

Dave Bennett

A Few MORE Improvements...

*Edit* I posted this in the camper build but am placing it here as well since some things apply to both truck and camper

Full camper build here:

I've been looking at different ways to use this central shelf as a table in camp.

So, I was talking to XJ Mike and he had this idea to use some channel aluminum.

Added a couple lengths of small chain and some small carabiners and - voila! Table in camp!

I got this lightweight Snow Peak Giga Power Plate Burner Li at the Hollister Rally.
Now I have to carry only one type of fuel canister since my trusty Jet Boil takes the same style, and these work better at higher altitudes and colder temps ;)

One of the reasons I got this stove - the small footprint and low profile easily lends itself to use inside the FP in inclement weather.
Very nice :D

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Sweet table! I've been contemplating how to build something like that into mine.

Are you able to move it toward the vehicle more so that your chain isn't making some of your table unusable?

Dave Bennett

Fender bender...

Had a fender bender aboard Naval Weapons Station. Guy locks up his brakes in front of me and I clipped his taillight... it wasn't even his truck and the whole thing turned into a drug bust when I was helping him find his documentation and realized my nose was telling me that Cheech and Chong were somewhere in the cab of the truck... No kidding. Anyway, here's what it did. She's in for a new fender, grill, and headlights now. I'll be putting on a new ARB when she gets out - these things really work well when you need them as nothing was damaged except what I mentioned above.


Dave Bennett

Got her back from the body shop so I cleaned up the front end a bit and finally finished prepping her for a new gen ARB bumper with fogs

For my winch version 2.0, I'm thinking that the winch solenoid box/control is going to get relocated out of sight and maybe even some synthetic line before the winch goes back on ;)

Montana Cruiser

Front Runner Footwell 40L Water Tank! (Link)

Here is OverlandHadley's setup, I think this would work nicely for my setup as well. 10 gallons of water carried low and near the center of the vehicle :ylsmoke:

He got it from Paul at Equipt

Thanks for being the guinea pig Nathan!
I love this tank, looks like it would fit perfectly behind the front seats of my 3rd Gen 4Runner (back seat bases removed) but I am wondering how you get the water out of the side without the hose? Park at an angle or something like that. Can you pressurize these somehow?


Dave, not sure if this would work for you since you got the fog lights, but I was able to mount my winch solenoid box/control inside the arb bumper essentially where the fog light is. Sort of an empty cavity inside the bumper. You have to reach up under the bumper to plug in the controller, but it is out of sight and out of the way of the lights.

Dave Bennett

Yeah, I looked at that but the fogs take up that space now. I'll most likely put it under the hood somewhere and extend the wiring on the part that you plug the remote into so I can plug in at the bumper. I may even wire it up to be controlled from inside the cab ;)