Dodge 5500 Flat deck and camper build


No real updates...still have all the vehicles, but camper is gone.

I keep going back and forth on them, hate to let any go- but should.

My current pie in the sky wish would be to put a JK Unlimited body on my 5500 with a shortened wheelbase. Would love to have a jeep that could tow! Big fan of the 2007 Ultimate Adventure Rubiwagon built by AEV for Four Wheeler magazine (JK body on '06 mega cab chassis) and the MBRP Rattletrap project (6bt in a stretched and strengthend JK).

I think the next camping unit will be some sort of off road trailer.

May not put a JK body on the 5500, but if it stays I will be shortening the wheelbase and doing some suspension work- might just start with using suspension off the 2500: the Carli springs and king remote resi shocks on the 5500 and see how it is, just use the mini -leaf pack on the rear with some of the stock leaves removed- I have the airbags as well.

Get the departure angle down as much as possible, which means relocating/ replacing the behind the axle 52 gallon tank. Going that route, I think I'd rather have a bumper pull trailer than the gooseneck since I'd have the hitch as close the axle as possible anyway. That would allow me to use the much smaller deck space still.

Also some type of doubler or replacement Tcase with lower gearing.

Without the camper, I really am not having a huge payload (in weight or size) on the deck and would rather make it more maneuvarable, both off road and around town- it is a pretty big unit in tight parking lots and city streets.

Would be an off roadable daily driver/ work vehicle that can tow heavy.

Sorry for all the speculation- just not certain where I'm going with it or the others right now...



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that thing is awesome

can you post some more photos of your front suspension work. coilbuckets and what not? id also like to see a better shot of your fender cut and bumper if you have opportunity to
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I vote sticking the camper back on the 5500, enjoying it, and towing the jeep. The JK swap has been done. Jeeps are everywhere. Your 5500 on the other hand, is one of a kind. Its the baddest Ram around for sure. I'd hate to see it turn into another jeep project. That's just my opinion though... I would also like to see suspension pics and fender mods. I want to get 39's on my Dodge someday.

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Sorry- neglected this thread

I'll see if I can get some more pics of fenders and front end.

The Continentals ride really well- once I got them balanced. Better then he 38" Michelin XL & XML's I had on my '01 previously.

I have re-listed the truck for sale on this site. Dropped the price hugely, combined with the way our Cdn dollar has dropped against the US $$, makes it quite the savings for US guys.


still for sale on this forum and Pirate only...our dollar is down an unbelievable amount $40K CDN= just $32,326 US today...