Dodge Ram 5500 motorhome

We sure did. Every day we spend in the Cruiser the more at home it feels. We have well over 200 nights in it already. Each time we visit a friend along the way they try to insist that we stay in their spare room and have a hard time with it when we stay in the camper.
So awesome to have all the pics back. As a late comer to this thread I missed them when I read it the first time. Looks like I'll have to reread now that there are pics again!!
Hey, Ward...great build! Beautiful truck! Apologies if you stated this already in your build posts but I'm wondering what your gear ratio is and are you happy with it? Also are you happy with the single cab? I'm shopping for a 4500 or 5500 to put a camper on the back and am struggling with these two issues. Crew cab vs single. I want the 84 inch C/A distance but then you are 200 inch wheelbase with a crew cab. Truck is getting pretty long. My travel plans are probably similar to hard core wheeling but mild off road. Just two kids or grand kids. Do you find yourself wishing for a crew cab?

As for gear ratios, in theory, I believe 4.10 gears would be adequate with the auto trans, but that's just me making a WAG. In Northern VA where I live, I've seen all 3 ratios on the dealer's lot: 4.10, 4.44, and 4.88. What's your gears and are they satisfactory? thanks

Our gear ratio is the 4.44 and I think it is perfect for the truck, tire size and weight.

We love our single cab. We have the 120" cab to axle and our total length is around 30-31' bumper to back of our swinging box. We have never ever felt the need for a back seat or for that matter the area of a back seat if the seats were removed. With the center console removed we both slide easily from the front seats to the camper and I am a 6'4" 270 lbs ex athlete (heavy on the EX) so between arthritis and limited flexibility it could have been a concern but it is totally not. We go from cab to camper 10 times a day.

I would estimate that 90-95 of our travel time is on paved roads. That being said we have put 40,000 miles on the rig in less than two years so we do travel long distances to get to see some sights. We have lots to see in Canada but chose to do those when we get a little older and want to be closer to home. The rig was designed so we could use it until 75 years of age so we have about 22 years left. :smiley_drive:

thanks, Ward. appreciate the info. As I intend to use those large tires like you're running, I'll keep on the lookout for one with 4.44's

thanks again and happy trails :)

Hey everyone. Annie and I were planning to be at Expo next weekend but a family emergency has taken it off the table for this year.
We hope to see many of our friends in the coming months. The family issue is not with Annie or I.


Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
Hey everyone. Annie and I were planning to be at Expo next weekend but a family emergency has taken it off the table for this year.
We hope to see many of our friends in the coming months. The family issue is not with Annie or I.
Sorry to hear Ward, we hope all is ok.

Looking forward to seeing you next year, if not sooner!
Thanks David! We are about a month away from driving it so we are getting very anxious now. We will definitely be in Denver at some point in the next year and would love to show you around the Cruiser.

A quick update is that all of the doors, drawers, exterior parts and panels are now painted as well and waiting to be re-assembled. ITB removes all of the drawer hardware including slides anfd latches prior to paint. It is then all assembled with the painted parts and wiring etc is completed. Annie and I will be at ITB on Friday so I hope to have a bunch more photos to share.

Thanks again for everyone's interest in following along with us.

WOW !! :)
Thanks John. BTW, I am not on Facebook anymore.
hello -- was just a way try get in touch with you -- hope everything is going well -- an Thank You for all your posts in forum realy have enjoyed your adventures -- Thanks again and hope all is Great with Annie and family john
Yes we are well. We were hoping to be at Overland Expo this weekend in Flagstaff but a family medical emergency eliminated those plans. Otherwise all is good!


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
We have the same difficulty with friends when we visit them. They want us to stay in the house, but they just don't get it that the best night's sleep ever is awaiting in our mobile casa.
We stayed recently at my Bro John's compound in Agua Dulce sleeping in his back driveway:
Went on a nice 4 day trip to Cypress Hills in south western Saskatchewan this last weekend. Weather was nice. We got out to do some rough road travel which was fun. We took the Gap Road from West block back to Centre Block. The Gap Road is impassable when wet but luckily it was dry. We ripped right along while the Brother in Law in a 4x4 Chev could hardly keep up behind us. The big tires on the Cruiser just roll across a lot of the washboard while the smaller truck tires on the Chev bounced them around a fair bit. We had to stop two or three times for them to catch up. Did some bike riding and hiking so got some exercise as well. We even had Ray and Marianne Hyland and the boys stop by to spend Sunday night with us and celebrate Annie's birthday.

Saw these two on our bike ride the first morning.

For those thinking Saskatchewan is totally flat, here is the Conglomerate Cliffs. Southwestern Saskatchewan is actually the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

The Gap Road

I will add a Youtube video link as soon as I get it uploaded. I had Annie video me driving the truck through the ditch and the loose cobbles.

The Cruiser is still performing very well. Solar panels are keeping up to our power usage even among the Lodgepole pine forest of Cypress Hills.

Really Nice -- LOL not really any reason to visit the US -- think you Canadians have the scenery well covered :)