Downsides to ambulances


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Personally, given the intended use, I'd find myself a decent used conversion van and either continue to tow the utility trailer with the bike on it or buy a small box trailer to put it in. I don't really see the attraction of hauling the bike in my living space and making it serve double duty.


Low deck height, kind of aerodynamic, relatively light weight...


That wheelchair van is only $6 grand, that will buy a lot of moto tires and track day fees.


I vote ambo or cube, mount beds over front wheel and tool storage height, and to keep mud off, can toss in a small heater to heat it and dry clothes and gear, lockable when not there without having to quickly cram everything in


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I don't really see the attraction of hauling the bike in my living space and making it serve double duty.
Security. Loosing an expensive motorcycle off an open trailer is easy. These things are not keyed, not registered/plated, and-most troubling-not insured.

I prefer to think of it as sleeping in the garage vs parking the bike in your bedroom. Although I won't lie, I've done both. :sombrero:
This is also why traditional class B's don't work for my intended use; they are way too nice inside.

Took a shot through CL last night. Something changed while I wasn't looking and there are a lot more T1N sprinters available in my market than last time I looked. Also warm to that E350 cutaway 10' box truck option. Especially with the single rear wheels. Dualies are more road tax, more tolls. One of you cats did this. I dig it.

Can you put one of these on a Sprinter:

Total weight on the hitch receiver would be in the 450-500 lbs ballpark.


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I hear you on security, that's one reason I mentioned the small box trailer. Lockable, out of sight and out of the weather, and a decent used ine not too much money. If security is a concern though, why the interest in the hitch mounted hauler? Looks convenient as all snot, but that's about it.

That's what you ride, along those lines? For me that bike has 0-death in .2 seconds written all over it. :). Guess it's a good thing I'm not allowed to have one.


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I ride an SV650 that has been butchered to make a racing motorcycle. It looks horrible and really isn't that fast.. but it sure was cheap. Oh, and its a ton of fun. :bike_rider:
Hitch mount would be for dirty-bike toys. I play with those too. Dirty-bikes are icky and gross and go outside. But they weigh nothing and I was asking for a worst case carrying the track toy instead.

I love sharing pictures.. so here's one.

Way fun. Everyone should do it.

Hitch mount is also a nice compromise for traveling light(er) and not parking the bike in the bus. No trailer to pay tolls on, waste (as much) fuel dragging, or having to park. No bike in the living room motif. Downside is no anti-theft capacity.

Google says the sprinter is rated for at least 500lbs tongue weight. Most hitches I'm seeing from vendors like etrailer are class III rated at 600lbs tongue. A class IV rated at 1000 lbs tongue is available. Seems I should be good to go.

Hmm.. T1N, 144 wheelbase.. could be dumb.. I mean fun. :ylsmoke:


I ride an SV650 too... Super fun little bikes. I've been riding for 15 years now (getting close to 30 bikes over the years... Yikes! Haha) and none of my other bikes have given me quite the same joy the little SV has. It's such a great little machine that just takes everything you can throw at it and it does it so well! And it's cheap too!

If you look up top in the stickies section of the forum, someone just posted an EBay link to a sweet little E350 ambulance for cheap. 7.3 diesel, hightop and mostly gutted already. Would be an awesome starting point for what you are looking for I think. Might just be a bit of a drive to go get it...

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Here is an idea:
There is a guy near me that bought a shuttle bus, drilled out the rivets that hold the back on, chopped it a few windows up and reinstalled the back cap. Now he has a mini bus with a back porch/ toy platform. Buy a pop-up camper for a few hundred and transplant the goods inside the bus.

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I thought really hard about picking up an old econoline 250 with 4x4 but ended up just buying a bigger trailer.


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After looking into insurance and registration costs, I've decided I can't justify a 2nd vehicle right now. Going to keep on living in a tent.

Thanks for the advice all. Maybe next year.