DRZ400 Wheel Set, front and rear rims and tires $500

con kso

Hey moto friends - swoop these up.

I bought them thinking I'd swap my knobby set back and forth with these street tires. I put brand new tubes, and tires (Shinkos) on this wheel set and used them once. Now they sit in my shed crying for somebody to scrub off the chicken strips.

I'm in San Diego and prefer a local sale - if you're in LA I'd be willing to meet you in Carlsbad if that helps. I really don't want to ship them but if you're willing to pay the freight on them - I'll get you a price and will package them up.

Email: john@paddlesurf.net

drz wheel 1.jpg
drz wheel 2.jpg
drz wheel 3.jpg
drz wheel 4.jpg