dtc81's Do-It-All 3rd Gen 4Runner Build


Been a while since an update, lots of things have been happening. I bought a "junk" 98 runner from a local guy. It wasn't running but I had been watching him drive it for years and knew the transmission was good. My original trans developed a BAD bearing whine so I swapped the 98's trans into my truck. Did all related seals/bearings/clutch/etc. along the way.

My front end has been needing attention for a long time now. While I had the parts truck I pulled the LCAs, knuckles/spindles, and a bunch of other parts from it. I sandblasted them down, welded on the Total Chaos gussets ('cause why not?!), painted them, and started piling up parts. I went with 5100 and Toytec/Eibach springs, new wheel bearings, Whiteline bushings, and JBA Offroad UCAs.

I'm very fortunate to have a friend who was a Toyota Master Tech for years and recently just took a job as a high school auto tech teacher. The school he works for has an INCREDIBLE facility to teach young students at and they are always looking for vehicles to work on. Instead of doing the install myself, we waited until his frame and suspension unit started and sent them my truck and parts to work on. It was a good project for the students and saves me from having to fight lots of issues! They installed everything, pressed in new wheel bearings, and are working on the alignment this week. It's cool to be able to support trade school type education so close to home.

Also built a bumper for a friends Tacoma, so there's a picture of that in the mix.508833508837508834508838