Duramax flo n go 14G gas caddy


I have heard of guys using them and the only ones that actually like them are using it for a boat. Apparently they leak a decent amount and also are really heavy. I personally have not used them but that's just what I have heard.


At over 90 pounds it would be considered heavy. Where you going to put it? How you going to secure it?
I have one and there’s no way it will stand up to rough travel. Plus transferring fuel is super slow. The tank is sturdy enough but the hose and fittings are pretty flimsy.

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Intended storing it upright in the front of a pickup bed strapped upright. Weight was semi irrelevant because I was planning on fueling in place. But it does seem fragile. Just a regular hose to siphon with might be more robust. Probably just wind up with two jerricans. Was curious though.


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I use mine constantly, my square body 4 door uses a lot of fuel, so when I go my duramax goes too, I cut the nozzle off and just use the ball valve on the tank side to stop the flow, it works faster that way! and when I fill either tank I set it on the bed rail so it gravity feeds faster!


Saw one on the roof of a Jeep in the trip planning section . See under the Overland Expo thread for ROF so it must be possible.