Dusted Cabin


Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
In an effort to reduce the amount of trail dust in the cabin I installed some filters. The NM does not come with a cabin air filter, so I began in the worst place for dust intake-the pressure vents in the rear. The vents are for cabin pressure change, however, the design is terrible. Two rubber flaps cover the vent holes and allow huge quantities of dust to enter the cabin.

Remove the rear light assemblies above the bumper by removing the two screws holding in the assembly (open rear door to access.) Holding the assembly pull it towards the rear of the rig, carefully. Disconnect the assembly if desired.
Looking down into the bumper space you'll see a white plastic vent.
Using a tool to pry with (flat head screwdriver), gently pop the top of the vent away from the body. I then used my hands from the top and bottom to disconnect the four tabs that hold it in place. You can access the vent from under the rig as well, and that is how I removed it. The driver's side is a very tight squeeze to get the vent past the muffler, but it's doable. The passenger side is much easier.

After cleaning the vent, cut the filter (I doubled mine) to size. Then tape it in place. Next reinstall the unit and light assembly, and you're done.
Easy, inexpensive, quick, and a very useful mod. for my needs.
(I'm working on installing a filter in the cabin air vent system next.)