Dutch Oven Cobbler


Im getting geared up to go on a 9-day/8-night road trip to Colorado and Utah to explore several national parks. 4 of the 8 nights will include camping out of my DIY adventure trailer i been working on since last september.

im considering carrying my cast iron dutch oven to use on camp nights. on eof the first dishes i wanted to make was peach cobbler, but ive never made a peach cobbler. so i figured i'd need to do a practice run before we get out on the open country.

so, fired up 28 charcoal briquettes in the old weber kettle....

whilst the coals were getting ready, i made the cobbler-
greased the sides and bottom of the DO with stick butter...
poured in 3 cans of sliced peaches in pear juice....
evenly covered the peaches with a gluten free yellow cake mix...
topped with i stick of butter sliced and randomly placed on top....

once coals were ready, i put 8 under and 20 on top and let back for 75 mins

Final product....

was mighty fine with a glass of ice cold milk.

Vanilla Bean ice cream would have been even better, but i didn't have any...


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Before you go, make sure to check fire restrictions. I do believe anything but propane is banned in some parts of Co. I just read a new fire has started in the Durango area.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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All of Arizona isin stage II fire restrictions, probably the same for most western states.


Don't see a thing wrong with that but will throw out a couple of suggestions anyways - Brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled to taste on top; Rotate lid 1/4 turn clockwise and oven a quarter turn counter clockwise every ten minutes to minimize the chance of 'hot spots'; A scoop of vanilla ice cream with each serving. We'll sometimes add a cup of fresh blueberries to the peaches


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I just do one can of peach pie filling per box of cake mix. Mix up the cake mix like normal, stir everything around in the dutch oven.

With ice cream is good.

It was a staple in Boy Scouts, a great bedtime snack during winter camperee when it could dip into single digits at night.