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Dynamo vs Solar or?

Looking to charge the "normal" day to day electronics we tend to travel with (Iphone) and run a light during overnight camping trips and normal day to day family cycling. I don't intend to cycle for more than a few hours after dark.

Initially I was really excited about the Dynamo hub option, however the price of $150+ for the hub and $200-$300 for the light made me start to ask myself "why". I can get a small Goal Zero solar panel that will charge my iphone and be useful on other hiking or outdoor activities.

As for the light, I can get a REALLY nice Night Rider brand battery operated light for the $300 price point that will work for about 2 hours on high, much less the lower settings and then potentially recharge it with the above mentioned solar panel.

The Dynamo hub idea seems really cool, just wondering if I'm missing something. Maybe it's more of a cycle commuting thing where you routinely bike after dark and need a steady light source....

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I have a Shamino Alfine Dyno hub for lighting on my Vaya and it's awesome, I have not yet set it up for other electronics, my bike shop guy told me it's good for maintaining or slowing down the drain on gps/phones but it just barely keeps up not a true full power charge so I have been hesitant to drop the cash.

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I have not built up the wheels yet but I did pick up the Sinewave Cycles Beacon Dynamo Light and USB charger to mate with the Shutter Precision PD-8x fat dyanamo hub. These are photos are from the internet here. I am looking forward to putting these on and I'm working with a local bike shop and the makers of King Cages http://www.kingcage.com/to make a mount for this light.
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Please share your light mount design when you mount it up. Fun project you have going
Well the King Cage mount would not work for my application as it was a clamp with a single bolt that slid onto the handle bars. I have Jones loop carbon bars that need a mount that can wrap around the bar and tighten. I ended up ordering the SON light mount that looks like this. It still is on the barge to Alaska, along with some other parts on my build but I will post up more when it comes in.