E350 Chinook Build

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Are you saying that this Van rides better lifted then it did stock? I have a had a few older lifted fords van and they rode like lifted trucks. Does this steering require constant input from the driver? I am trying to understand how the ride got smoother after being lifted. Did you do anything to the Steering Box?

Hey guys, sorry i have been busy in the shop and no computer time.... Yes these ride much better in my opinion after the lift is on it. This is a combination of things such as better coils, Fox Shocks increased wheel travel and the rear leaf springs make a huge difference with the Fox Shocks in the rear. In a nut shell all of the parts we use in conjunction with each other make a great suspension team! Let me know if you have more questions or check out this video of an RV which is a very similar lift as the Chinooks.


Great seeing allllll that fiberglass work pay off! The angled concourse windows are cool and all, but not too practical. That tilt open feature is nice. I need to start dropping by the local ikea as-is more often.


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How much of a spacer did you end up needing? Did they go between the wheels or inside of the inboard wheel? Anything required on the front wheels?
I ended up not running any spacers. The inside wheel is very close to the leaf spring pack but does clear it. The tires do touch in the middle but it’s just the side wall lugs and seems to be fine. I was worried the first trip or two that they would get hot but I’ve put 20k plus on them now with no problems at all.