Eagle Canyon, San Rafael Swell

This is one of my favorite trails, and I finally finished my video review. We ran into a group of Overlanders a couple of times, LR3s, JKU, Lexus, 4Runner, etc. I searched to see if they were on this site and posted their adventure, but I couldn't find it. We met them "just off of I70" (as in at the bottom of the bridge) with a failed LR3 alternator. I offered to trade my D2 straight up, but no takers..

This was back in September 2016, right after a major wash which made the road a bit more difficult than I remember the last time taking it as a kid.

Highly recommended as a day trip, or side trail on a multi-day expedition.



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Thanks! I'm trying to get better, and hopefully people have noticed improvement from my first reviews to my later ones.

The actual dash cam is a wide-angle Garmin Virb, a lot of the outside shots are actually from an Olympus Tough point and shoot. The shots around Swayze's cabin and around the bridge are from my Nikon D800 and a 17-35 F2.8 and I think the image quality really shows there. The downside? Camera shake. I had to use post processing to stabalize and you can see a bit of the digital artifacting due to that.

For me, my biggest complaint is that I failed to get a photo of the Lone Warrior Rock Art. That's one of the primary stops and I whiffed it big time. I guess it is all the more reason to come back..