EarthRoamer Opens New World Headquarters!

Scott Brady

Press Release
Matt Nakari
1460 Overlook Drive
Lafayette, CO 80026

***For Immediate Release***

EarthRoamer® Opens New World Headquarters!
Lafayette, CO (01/28/08) – EarthRoamer, the company behind the ground breaking XVLT and XV-JP expedition vehicles, has completed their new 56,000 square foot world headquarters! The new facility will open at 8:00am Monday, February 4th, 2008. A combination showroom, R& D think tank and production facility, the new location will allow EarthRoamer to keep pace with their rapid growth and product line expansion plans.
Built high above its surroundings in Lafayette, Colorado, the new facility’s glass walled showroom and dramatic snow-capped mountain views set the stage for expeditions to any part of the globe.
“Building our own showroom and tripling our manufacturing space marks an important milestone in the growth of EarthRoamer as the leader in the growing expedition vehicle market” commented Michele Connolly, EarthRoamer co-owner and co-founder, “Finally our corporate face to the world will match the quality and style of our vehicles.”
Phone, fax and email contacts will remain the same. As of February 1st, 2008 the new
address will be:

1460 Overlook Drive
Lafayette, CO 80026

About EarthRoamer
Founded by a pair of engineers with a thirst for adventure, EarthRoamer is in its sixth year designing, building and selling the only fully self-contained expedition vehicles in North America. Built in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, EarthRoamer allows adventurers to travel far from the beaten path in unparalleled safety and comfort. More information is available at, by calling 720-304-3174 or via


Expedition Leader
A nice easy drive from northern NM, I might have to check out their show room once they are established. Cool.


ExPo Original
I'd like to see their showroom in person. I'm sure the new facility will be of the highest quality. Best of luck to the crew at ER - :beer:


2008 Expedition Trophy Champion
Very cool! I'm proud to share my town with such a prestigious outfit as Earthroamer.

It's on my calendar to pay them a visit on Feb 4!


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Great news!

Congrads to ER!!!

From their website...looks like a killer place!

56,000 sq ft is a good size building....I'm building a new Harley dealership here in Ut that is 57,000 sq makes for a nice foot print!


Colorado Ron

I must express my extreme dissapointment in this event. Nobody knew anything about it! We walked around the building and checked out a couple unfinished ERs. One of the employees asked what we were doing. I stated we were there for the "Grand Opening" and he laughs. Says, "Yeah right" and WALKS OFF! Im sure glad I didnt have any potential customers with me. :oops:
Earthroamer is a great company so Im sure there was some mixup on the dates or something. Grand Opening sure wasnt today!

The facility looks amazing though! Cant wait to see it completed!


2008 Expedition Trophy Champion
The new facility is certainly spacious, and I bet it will be very nice once complete. I was disappointed that the Jeep wasn't on site, but the 3 in-progress Fords were very cool.

And it was nice to see the progress on "Ron's Earth Roamer"! :safari-rig:


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Earthroamer new headquarters

Congratulations to Earthroamer on their new headquarters .!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to visiting in near future!!!

Carl & Nancy ER # 47 Owner


It is a beautiful facility (I was there last week) and one that I would recommend anyone who enjoys 4x4 vehicles to visit. I definitely believe it will be a "must visit" place when it's completely setup.


I don't live anywhere near thier facility, but I got to oogle an F series from them as I passed it on the freeway in San Jose last night. Talk about a drool fest.....