EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"


Expedition Leader
Great photography, Paul, and I am glad to see the Jeep getting some good use in some nice places.

Best regards to you both from all of us here.


Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
Jeez Paul, crappy scenery, grim faces, boring colors, doesn't look like you're out enjoying it at all. ;):p

WOW!! :love:
Do tell us the Cliffs Notes version of your route, thanks!


Olympia to Lk. Wenatchee on Hwy 2... Dirt road up to White River... 97 north to Lk. Conconully... Backroads to Nighthawk POE into BC...Onward to Keremeos then up the Ashnola River to 6,000 ft....Back to the USA POE at Midway via backroads... South to Curlew Lk...Final night near Winthrop... Complete the North Cascades loop via Hwy 20...