EarthRoamer XV-LT 2006, #47 Ford F-550 for Sale - $158K

Recommended books for Overlanding

Dreaming of Jupiter
by Ted Simon
From $15.72
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide route and planning guide...
by Chris Scott
From $108.96
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Guide
by Chris Scott
From $45.45
Tschiffely's Ride: Ten Thousand Miles in the Saddle from ...
by A. F. Tschiffely
From $9.99
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
by Laurence Gonzales
From $9.99


Get ready for them all to hit you with "well would you take $65,000 because another 2006 just sold for $60,000" :ROFLMAO: