Easter Jeep safari

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Re: Easter Jeep Safari in Moab UT.
Given the expected crowds and trail delays due to their traffic I would say its a good possibility.

Personally, we avoid the crowds and traffic and go to Moab either before or after the actual Jeep Safari; late spring/early fall is good, mid summer is too hot, but avoid the trails if it snows. The Jeep Safari is worth going to once just for the experience but we have avoided it, with its attendant hassles/delays/lines (on trails and at restaurants/parts stores etc.) since...



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How long you stay depends on what you want to do there. There are organized trails every day, so if you want to do organized trails every day you could stay the whole time. The vendor expo is Thursday and Friday, that's worth attending. Friday night is the merchandise raffle, this year I think around $250,000 in merchandise donated by vendors was given away, so if you feel lucky you might want to be there Friday night.

I've been to the event 8 times, I always get in on Saturday afternoon and leave the following Sunday morning. I usually to one or two organized trails, I attend both days of the vendor expo, and the other days I'll do trails by myself.

You can stay as long or as short as you want, but if you want to stay in a hotel they fill up fast so make reservations as soon as you decide. I usually make my hotel reservations in May of the prior year to so I get my choice of hotel.


I've been to every EJS since 1989 & I haven't see it all. If you want to see a lot of the country, EJS isn't the best time to go. The vendor show is great, wish they ran it for 3 days instead of 2. If you don't mind crowds, the raffle is a chance to win some nice stuff. This year was the first time I didn't gun trails, we went to Blanding to explore that area, but did catch the vendor show & had dinner with some local friends.


Got my camping reservations, 6 days at the KOA. Not my first choice but a lot of places had nothing left.