Easy Access Cooking Table

So there is 1 thing I above all else that I'm jealous of on Jeeps, GXs and a few others. The fold-down cook table option. Has anyone with a 4runner (without the swingout tire carrier) found a good solution? Thanks!



2016 4Runner Trail w/KDSS
Look at the GCI compact camp tables, they are much easier to setup than top tables. I had a couple different toll tables and one of those fancy grill tables but now I just carry 1 or 2 GCI camp tables

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The photo in OP's post shows the drop-down table that FrontRunner offers. Cheap (for what it is) and easy to install just about anywhere.


I'm getting the same table installed on the swing-out bumper that's being made for my truck.
I suppose the least expensive option for OP who doesn't have swing out gate or swing out bumper would be installing this Frontrunner dropdown to a Wilco Hitchgate Solo. Without a bumper or product like this, where else might you mount it?

I built a simple platform that allows for the large Front Runner table (45.3" x 29.5") to slide underneath everything and it has worked out great in my 80-series. This allows for the table to be the first thing to come out at camp and the last thing to go back in.

Quick update. I ended up getting the GCI little camp table. It fits nicely in my attic, so I'm going to do that for now. Happy with the accessibility for now. If I can find a good way to mount it to the hatch where it's easy to get on and off, I might still do that, but should work for now. Thanks, y'all!
@mightyp - alright. I figured out what I believe will be a great solution.

I’ll post a detailed write up when I work on it next weekend but here’s my plan:

I’m installing a Frontrunner fridge slide AND I’m going to mount a vertical steel plate to the interior edge of the slide which will proved the “backing” to a Frontrunner drop down table.

Since I have a 5th gen 4runner without a swinging door, this will enable me to have a similar functionality with portability.

I’ll keep you posted here.