eatSleepWoof's 2016 Tacoma DCLB

So after getting the clunk fixed during the brakes service a little while ago, I found out I needed an alignment. After doing the alignment, I found out the uniball in my UCAs had some play and was soon due to be replaced (1.5 years of use, 1 year with ICON's UCA caps). I got a local shop to install ICON's Delta Joint into the UCAs. So far things are good, no complaints. Time will tell how well this new "sealed" setup lasts.
Bigs things in the making.

AluCab canopy and BedRug on the way!

This weekend I started building the next iteration of the storage system, which will also act as a sleeping platform.

First up was a new water tank, an 84L T18.5HW from Barr Plastics. Being 17" wide, 9" tall, and 33" long, it's the same width as my fridge, and short enough that it won't make the sleeping platform/drawers too tall to be practical.

This water tank will sit in the furthest end of the bed, on the passenger side. It will be enclosed and carpeted, and an access panel will be made to get to all fittings, filler cap, and water tank/plumbing, which will be mounted on the side of this enclosure.

In front of the water tank I will have a separate storage unit with a drawer on the bottom, and a sliding top (for the fridge). What will be unique about this sliding top is that it will slide out roughly 20" further than the length of the storage unit itself. This will allow me to slide it way out of the truck, and have a very long sleeping area for night-time use (with a drop-in filler panel to cover the empty space when the fridge is slid out) - I'm aiming for around 90" long. To make this happen, the sliding hardware from the storage unit will protrude into the water tank unit.

So, here's where I've gotten to with the water tank so far...

Looking from the front-angle, you can see a whole bunch of 6M bolts on both the face and the side of the unit. These are all threaded into t-nuts on the inside of the plywood. These will allow me to easily attach/secure other components of the storage system, will make all units independently removable, and replaceable.

You can sorta-kinda see the water input fitting in the far corner. It's low profile, has an o-ring, and is wide enough for me to get my hand inside the tank, if need be.

Close up from the front, you can see the 1.25"-wide opening into which my sliding hardware (1"-square, aluminum tubing) will protrude. Also note the lower, "second wall" which secures the water tank from the side.

Looking at the other side, we see various fittings. Three hand-operated, stainless steel valves with 1/4" barb fittings (only two fittings in the photo) for hoses. Top valve will be for a breather hose, which will extend out and up into the corner of the canopy. Bottom two valves are for the water output and drain.

Somewhere in this area I will add a U-bolt so that I have an attachment point which I can use to secure this construction to the truck's D-ring via a turnbuckle.

Another angle:

Looking at the bottom, I made cut-outs to save some plywood weight, and added some carpet leftovers to act as spacers, to keep the entire platform level. This will be completely out of view, so there was no need to make it pretty.

More to come as time allows...
OH yes!! Phase 3 starts. ON a side note I have changed my work schedule a wee bit. Might be able to squeeze in that trip at the end of the month we talked about. :). I'll send ya a text later on.

OH yes!! Phase 3 starts. ON a side note I have changed my work schedule a wee bit. Might be able to squeeze in that trip at the end of the month we talked about. :). I'll send ya a text later on.

Let's do it! Going to be an awesome trip!

There is definately a large amount of thought and planning that goes into your projects.

Looking forward to more details

I did some minor plumbing tonight... mounted the same water pump & filter that I used in the previous setup.

Also did a test fit in the truck and everything's looking great.

Don't know how much else I'll be able to do before removing the tent/tonneau/crossbar setup, as all that stuff is starting to get in the way. Also need to get the bed rug in place sooner than later, as its thickness will affect some final fitment items. May have a week or two of downtime, but things will be moving again soon.
Have you contacted him about the bumpers. As far as I know we were the last two he is ever going to produce. Hopefully you managed to convince him otherwise, we got in right before he decided to stop producing them. He really doesn't seem all that interested in producing them anymore.
This build keeps getting better! I'll be watching closely, have an ARE MX on the way in the next month or so with plans of a sleeping platform and pull out drawers.

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Recently picked up a Firman 3300W generator. First time using one, but it's working as well as can be expected. Pretty loud and bulky, though. Might end up downgrading to a smaller model...

In any case, I spent a good chunk of Saturday cutting pieces for the storage platform:

And then Saturday evening was spent installing bearings into one of the sides that will form the driver's side storage unit and fridge slide:

And it took pretty much all day today to install the bearings on the other side, install T-nuts on the side that will face the inside of the bed (for later attachment of the other drawer unit), as well as wrapping everything in carpet.

The rear is not yet wrapped as I need to figure out spacing/locations for holes that will match up the T-nuts in the water tank storage unit.

The 80/20 aluminum is working very well - very strong (note the inner structure), light, and will not rust. Note that the top pieces of this aluminum extend past this storage container (and will extend into the water tank's container), for very long extension. The extruded side will make it very easy to attach this to the actual drawer - something that was difficult to do with square steel tubing I used for my very, very first storage setup.

The work continues...
Nice work lad. Quick question...will the drawers get double slides or are you building tow levels of drawers and storage. I am sorry if this was stated somewhere else in the thread, I am a new reader.

Cheers and keep up the nice work. It gives me ideas for mine! Just what I need...more projects!
Nice work!
How did you determine the number and location of the bearings you installed to capture the 80/20 aluminum?
Nothing scientific, unfortunately.

These are skateboard/rollerblade bearings. I've got a pair of rollerblades in the closet with over 200km of use on them, with original bearings. Each rollerblade has four of those, so clearly four bearings can handle a ~200lb weight over very extended use. None of my drawers will ever see that much weight, but I still put five bearings in each row for a little bit of overkill. As far as positioning goes, the hardest thing to support will be when a drawer is extended out, and all of its weight/force is exerted on the bearings closest to the font of the structure - as the drawer attempts to tip down, it'll push on the very exterior bottom bearing, and the bearings immediately above it. So I put some extra bearings in that location. I think this should be plenty, but if not, this setup will be fairly simple to disassemble and extend with more bearings.
Last night I realized I had a potentially serious problem with my plan of having the fridge slide extend further than the length of the fridge platform itself: how would I prevent the slide from extending all the way and falling out? The traditional methods of preventing over-extension could not be used because short of the 80/20 aluminum, the entire platform would be extended way past the frame of the structure.

Eventually it hit me: spring-loaded pull pin that would go through the frame side and lock into a pre-drilled hole in the side of the 80/20 aluminum. I just ordered this pull pin which should be perfect for what I've got in mind: (bought the last 2 of the available stock).