Ebay 15% off in app today. Mar12


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They must be using Newfoundland time.

They seem to be issuing these discounts in sync with calendar quarters. My surmise is they are trying to pump up their gross sales numbers for their financial reports. But I have no idea what their Fiscal Year actually is. Just notice that the discount offers seemingly come every 2-3mos.

/pay no attention to the Net Profit line


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I didn't get anything this time, but I definitely have in the past.

If I dont NEED something right away, lately I've put off the purchase until eBay or Amazon do their sales. Both seem to be pretty frequent lately.
I do get a little greedy sometimes when they do a 10 % or 15%, and think to myself, hold off a bit longer and they'll do a 20% or 25%.


I totally scored all of the stuff I needed to finish up my air suspension and saved about $90 in the process.

Now I will wait on the next discount session so I can scoop up a bunch of Nissan Leaf battery modules for my house battery in my van.

They have these discounts so often I hardly pay full price for anything anymore on ebay.
They do some for holidays sometimes as well.

I don't notice too many sales on Amazon but I did get a deal on a cheap plasma cutter that I left in my cart for a few days.
When I put it in there it was like $485 and I stalled on actually buying it.
Then magically the price dropped to $320 so I bought it.
I have not seen it at that price again.

As for those that missed the discount, they stated that it ended at 7pm west cost time.


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I do the same with my Amazon Wish List. I just put my wants in there and wait for them to geek with a 7-10-24% discount and buy it. And when I'm not paying or prime I always stacked small stuff to meet the 'cover charge' for free shipping.