Eco-Roamer - F650 based Expedition Vehicle


Those are some great photo's of your rig in Moab on The White Rim Trail. That trail is a great, fun to do long and senic trail.:smiley_drive:
Looks like it would have been really fun it that big rig.:sombrero:


I have a smaller version of the XZL and my truck doesn't wander much without a cross wind. So I wonder if front tire pressure may be too high? I'm not sure if you've weighted the axles independently. Since your truck is relatively light for those tires it may take time to find the right tire pressure on all wheels. Especially if you have CTIS is worth doing some experimentation.


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i'd like to see that truck travel around the world for 3 years on only BIODIESEL.
The point of the biodiesel stickers is support for that fuel. There will be the infrastructure if it sells. I've have a biodisiel sticker to put on, even though I will probably run mostly traditional diesel.
The sticker also helps fend off the Prius owners with attitude. Although a "This Truck Runs on Love" would probably work better.
Big expo trucks tend to have longer range than smaller diesels, so there is more opportunity to carry large amounts of bio.

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Try to catch the north cascade route through to Seattle, I think you're a little big for the "going to the sun road" in Montana but I snuck through there with a 26' motorhome, just be careful of the overhanging rock ledges and the state troopers as the road has size limitations posted. Some great scenery in west yellowstone too. Great pics, love Utah. You need a Jeep to drag around behind you!


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Wow, what a remarkable story; Congrats on your success.

Initially I was going to respond to some of the concerns posed as to renaming The EcoRoamer with a well thought out response but when I reread it, it seemed better suited to Pirate so I'll sum up with, excellent build.

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I am not much one for talking when I do not have anything to really say on a subject. So I will simply say this:

Jay (et. all) thanks again for stopping in, and letting my wife see your vehicle, for the use of the guest bedroom, and for allowing me to tag along with my camera on your rim trail trip. I Had a blast.

As for anyone else out there reading this, I can honestly say, as others before me have said, that Jay and Alice are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

Have a safe and wonderful trip, and if we should happen to be ready before you are home perhaps we can meet you out there someday.

Brian and Janene


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Vashon Island??

Hey, I was just on my way to work when I passed you at Williams heating (i"m guessing buying BiodDiesel).
Nice rig! I am currently going to school to become a diesel technician and CAT is a great way to go!


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First of all let me say this is truly magnificent.
Quick little back story: I knew nothing about this project, however I had been talking to the wife about designing and building some like this in the future. She sent me a text while at work yesterday saying "ecoroamer Look it up". So I looked it up and looked at the pictures and skimmed through the build on this forum. I thought it was awesome and how nice it would be to REALLY see it. I get home from work and was ready to relax and I asked her where she got that idea from. She replied, "Oh it's down in the mall parking lot!" Now keep in mind, I live on a small island in Ketchikan, Alaska. The chances of this being here and knowing what it's about are very slim. I literally jumped out of the chair and grabbed the camera and flew down to the mall in the Jeep to see this. Luckily jay was still there. I had a very pleasant conversation with him and got a real feel for the rig.

Keep in mind, the only picture I had seen for reference of size was next to a Chevy Colorado "Expedition". I thought it was just stocky by that picture. When I pulled up next to this rig, I couldn't believe how massive it was. For reference, I have a TJ Jeep with a 3.5" lift and 33s. I grabbed my camera, turned it on, and "MEMORY FULL"! Aargh! I left the memory card in my machine and forgot to grab it. Took the cell phone and took what pictures I could get with it. I apologize for the picture quality as it was from the cell. :(

What a great rig and truly something you need to see in person!


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I came upon you guys on the fork from the Hurley into Bralorne. I got quite the fright in that close knit trail when I turned the corner and saw your rig. I was a Jeep on 33's with the cedar strip canoe on top. Would of loved to seen your vehicle for more then the couple of seconds of us making room to pass. Safe travels!

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Jay, Amazing Rig. Early in the thread, you mentioned searching for seat swivels for the front seats. Did you ever find what you were looking for? If so, what's the model and where did you get it? Thanks!!

Edit: I located the post where you stated that you did install captain's seats and swivels. Can you tell me the exact seat and swivel you used and where you got them, please. Thanks greatly!!
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Jay and family,
Just want to remind you all that you have a welcome mat out in Mississippi at our home in Clinton and at the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). The Vicksburg Battlefield as well as the Campaign Tour are two great ways to spend time in historic Vicksburg if you find yourself near I-20 in the future.
Jonathan, Irina, and Naomi Howell