El Camino Del Diable - Part 2


After we finished the Camino Del Diablo we continued following the border along Duquense Road east of Nogales. We camped at a dispersed site with a view of the San Rafael Valley.


We were able to get right next to the border fence is a couple of areas. Just remember that someone is always watching the fence. After we left a Border Patrol agent flagged us down and asked if we were the ones who were at the fence. We said yes. He said have a good trip and left.

From there we crossed the San Rafael Ranch towards the Coronado National Memorial.


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Keep the story coming, another area I really like in Southern Arizona....looking forward to your Copper Canyon report also


This trail is on my bucket list after finding out about in 2017. Thanks for sharing your pics. Keep em coming! How often are you asked to present your permits and how long of a process is it on getting them?


The permits took about five minutes. The lady just checked our applications and gave us the map and permits. The application is a hold harmless document. It basically says; If you die it is your fault not ours. We only got asked for the permits once. The BP officer that took down the numbers said he would let the other officers know that we were on the Camino. There are more photos and a detailed write up on my blog.


The videos of the trip along the Arizona Mexican border are up on YouTube.

Driving the Southern Arizona Border Road Part 1, El Camino Del Diablo

Driving the Southern Arizona Border Road Part 2, Duquesne Road


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Tips from a "local".

To gain "legal" access to the Goldwater Range you have to watch a video and fill out some paperwork. Took me and my crew about 30 minutes to complete everything. You have to call in on a phone number to report how many people and vehicles will be entering and where, and the same when leaving so they can keep track of who is out there. They give you a map of areas to stay out of due to the fact they train with and test live ammo. Likewise, if you come across anything that appears to be ammo - don't touch it. Take the GPS coordinates and general description of where it is and report it in your depart phone call on your way out of the range.