El Camino Del Diablo - Part 1


In October 2018 I signed up for Frenchie's final trip to the Copper Canyon area of Mexico. The week before the trip I picked up the Ford E350 van from Agile Offroad after they completed installing their 4WD conversion. After a being trained on the workings of the conversion Bruce and I headed for the Douglas, AZ via the Camino Del Diablo. My goal for the trip was to stay as close to the border as possible while traveling through California and Arizona. You can read the the entire trip report and my other travels on my blog.

My thanks to the members in the Four Corners section of the forum for the help they gave me in plotting the route along the border and answering my questions. The members of the Border Patrol that we met were very friendly and helpful. The only other people we saw on the trip were researchers from the University of Arizona and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. We did not feel threatened at any time.

This is the approximate route of Camino Del Diablo. It crosses the Barry M. Goldwater (bombing) Range, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

The first night was spent at Fortuna Pond near Yuma, AZ


The next day we got our permits to cross through the area at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma

Our first stop was the La Fortuna Mine site. Very rough road to get there but worth it.

Camp that night was at Tule Well. The Border Patrol officer we met said it was safer than Papago Well which gets a lot of illegal immigrant traffic. It turned out that the campground was much better than Papago Well too.

The Camino Del Diablo gets pretty deep in some areas.

Papago Well

It was great to see the desert bloom


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I love the Camino and really need to get back on it as it has been a few years, thanks for the quick write up and pics


The videos of the trip along the Arizona Mexican border are up on YouTube.

Driving the Southern Arizona Border Road Part 1, El Camino Del Diablo

Driving the Southern Arizona Border Road Part 2, Duquesne Road