Electric Hummer pick up truck teaser pic

Todd n Natalie

Interesting. I'm curious to see more and see how it stacks up against, the Tesla, Rivian etc...

I think the real competition for this truck though will be the upcoming electric F-150.



:love::love::love: So ready for electric vehicles to come into prime time! I'm glad the big names are starting to get into the game with more than just tiny commuter pods.


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Interesting. Guess they figured the market was ready for THREE big ugly electric pickups :p

/don't take me wrong, I'm about the throw down $100 on a reservation for a Cybertruck. And I used to also drive M998s in the Marines, as an Arty Bn Ops Platoon NCO / FireDirectionControlman. And have had three big ugly GM trucks in front of my house for years.

To Drive full size 1/2 ton vehicles, to crush your enemies' imports, and to hear the lamentations of their wymyn.

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I'm fine with it the way it is. It's obnoxious, like me. I like it.
But they'll make it more cosmetically pleasing, I'm sure. And I'll be fine with that too. But mostly I'm getting in late so that by the time they get to mine the bugs and deficiencies are worked out. I'm not an early adopter of anything.

I'm no stranger to big clunky ugly vehicles. The Cybertruck prototype isn't much of a stretch for me. I used to drive this thing around, long ago -

Tesla stock is crushing it right now, as they begin posting actual profits. Their new Model Y is really starting to gain traction as it aligns more with market demands for 'crossover' style height and cargo capacity. Their other factories are coming on line. Tesla is really starting to hit its stride. So I'm sanguine about whatever the shipping Cybertruck will be. Maybe then I'll finally get rid of my 1985 C-10 long bed squarebody (which is withing inches of the length of my Suburban, or the H1, or the Cybertruck).

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Todd n Natalie

I'm not sure if this is a teaser of the actual truck showing a little more of the front view or an artists rendering. But, it doesn't look bad to me!


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I am not feeling the new "bro truck" inspired logos... Having the vehicle name or brand that large is pretty overstated I think.


Looks like it has a huge frunk which would be nice. Anyone now just how much smaller an EV drivetrain is compared to the alternative? It would be nice to keep the roof clear and the front trunk could handle that duty maybe?


I like how it's marketed as having "11,500" FT-LBs of Torque......at the axle. Largely meaningless number as no other pickups measure what axle output but rather engine input. Take the latest Ford 7.3 gas engine:

475 ft/lbs of torque
Approx 4.5:1 1st gear ratio
4.10 axle ratio

475 x 4.5 x 4.1 = 8,700 Ft-lb

Bump up to the PS 6.7:

1050 ft/lbs of torque
4:1 1st gear
3.3 axle ratio

1050 x 4 x 3.3 = 13,860 Ft-lb

All Marketing and also why torque is a largely meaningless number.....the 1000hp figure is surprising though, it must hold it's high torque values at considerable RPM. Still a somewhat moot point relative to a gas engine though since as far as I can discern, it doesn't have the ability to shift like that of the new Porsche (which is why the Porsche is a game changer). If that 1000hp comes at 9000 rpm but it sits at 4000 rpm doing 70, it certainly can't utilize the breadth of power that it shows on paper.


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I am not feeling the new "bro truck" inspired logos... Having the vehicle name or brand that large is pretty overstated I think.
wait, so you are saying there's something understated about the Hummer brand?

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What could possibly be behind that snaggletooth
dunno but it's a real disappointment, considering the native ground clearance etc of an H1. This E-HUMMER is like those H2 bodies on a Tahoe chassis. Real triumph of phony branding.

/I just put my money where my truculence is, now have my registration number for an AWD Cybertruck. Probably be 2-3yrs before the bill comes due.