Espar heater electrical experts chime in...


This is just a copy of my email to Espar in hopes that maybe someone can chime in and help before I hear from them:

So my heaters are installed, but now just have to be wired up. They came with no literature and the schematics online (esparofmichigan) seem to be instructions for outdated controllers. I did the logical thing and connected like colors, but it's not liking that. So here is what I have, what I want, and a few questions regarding. Any help/input would be GREATLY appreciated, for this is the ONLY thing keeping me back from departing on my trip.

I have a:
Airtronic D2 (ref #25 2069)
Hydronic II D5S (ref #25 2526)
High Altitude Sensor (22 1000 33 22 00)
Easystart 7-day timer
Digimax D1000

What I would like is to be able to run the Airtronic for 4+ hours at a time so it doesn't turn off while I'm sleeping. Also I understand the easystart timer can run multiple heaters at once.

I have found some literature on the wiring schematics but nothing specific to my configuration.

-Should I keep the heaters on separate controllers or put them both on the easystart timer and get rid of the d1000?

-What configuration should I use with the heaters/controllers to make it as simple as possible?

-Does the Hydronic need an altitude sensor as well? If so can I run the one sensor for both heaters?

-This altitude sensor seems to be the newest model, so I'm not finding any wiring diagrams on how to integrate it into the system. I assumed it just went in-line of the heater and the controller, but the error code is indicating that it's not receiving a signal. Is there a wiring diagram available that shows how the Airtronic connects to the easystart timer with an altitude sensor and hydronic integrated into the system? I understand it might be something I'll have to piece together from multiple diagrams, but I can't seem to find anything specific.

-Are there any shops between Florida and Colorado that are familiar with Espar products and could assist and/or get these wired up and working?

Here are the pics of the units I have.