Eurovan Blu.O (2.0)


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It's not mine.....yet! It's a project Hanksville Hotrods is working on. They are working on a kit to put bug bodies on RZR chassis and I'm in love!!


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I wonder if this wouldn't allow for easier licensing for on-road use, using the bugs VIN? For those places where RZRs are not allowed on the roads. Just a thought.
Wonder if one would ever pass an emmissions test :snorkel:


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Being a classic car, would it not be exempt from emissions in most states?

Here in Colorado, (in the Denver emmissions area) it would have to be 32 years old to classify as a classic. It then has to pass 1 emmissions test and then you can buy 5 years of registration all at once. As long as you keep the registration current then you don't have to do it again

.....but......Colorado keeps screwing around and changing the rules. It used to be 25years old. Then about two years later it changed to 1974 and older, then about two years after that it went to the 32year rule.

I currently have a 29yo and 30yo car that keep getting screwed by this rule. The rule keeps moving as those two cars get close to it. So I expect it to change again before they reach 32yo.

My 30yo "track car" has literally had years where it has only made it out of the garage to go pass the stupid E-test :coffeedrink:

How ludacris is it that I've got cars that are 29/30yo that are "classics" under my insurance company but I've got to test and register them just like a daily driver. Which, is exempt from the E-test for 7years from new


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That's rough... Here in OK we don't even have a safety inspection, much less emissions testing... Similar rules for MO, IA, AR. Of course we don't have mountains or reasonable summer weather. So I guess its a tradeoff? :sombrero:

You can literally drive a smoking, leaking, and rusty ruin around here. And some do... As a plus there is no hassle of inspections or emissions testing. If it moves, and you can insure it, you can drive it. The downside is that I have to drive behind some of these folks. Is that a grass fire, or just a tuned diesel truck?! :eek:

In IA at 25 years old you can buy a permanent classic car plate. Registration is like 23$ a year? Crazy cheap.


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1999 Eurovan Westfalia Weekender.
245k Miles
20k on rebuilt 12v VR6 Engine
Recent maintenance...all nearly zero miles(both CV axle shafts, new start battery, new brakes, Bilstein shocks (used off other van but Good), tie rods, lower ball joints, coil, plugs, plug wires, fuel injectors, all new intake gaskets)

-CaveVan hand stitched leather steering wheel with matching blue stitching (just installed)
-lift kit
-Brand new (3 day old) tires 225/70/16 Hankook dynapro ATM
-CaveVan 16” wheel upgrade
-Alpine Ilx-007 Apple Car play double DIN infotainment system
-Carbon Fiber heated seat elements added to the front two seats.
-Imported Euro dash cubby
-ceramic heat reduction window tint
-vinyl flooring instead of the stock carpet
-CaveVan full stainless exhaust from downpipe back including new cat and muffler. (About 1,000miles on this)
-Yakima roof rails
-dog resistant window screens
-passenger side seat swivel on custom lowered seat base with custom paint and upholstery.
-hand made beetle kill pine upper bunk and table.
-upper bunk trim painted to match van.
-new front fenders
-alarm with remote start
-lower body is bed lined in color matched bed liner.
-custom Sunbrella curtains

The “rough around the edges”

-“Dings” and Scuffs on nearly every body panel. Some “dents” in the lower rocker panels (very common to Eurovans)
-Some surface rust
-Samba (the Australian Shepard) chewed the corner of the beetle kill pine table when he was a puppy)

We have tried to fix all the known issues with all new parts to make this a good van for someone. Obviously we have the ability to do more or any custom work someone may want.


Let me know if you have other questions



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So I ended up with this, or rather should I say my wife did. It's residing in Colorado still and seems to need some love. Lots of little things need repaired, fixed up but overall, it's pretty much the same rig. We have been looking for one forever and missed out on a few.
Definitely have some plans for it after I get her all baselined and rocking away.


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