Evacuation Insurance/International Medical Insurance


I'm interested in personal experience (either good or bad) with evacuation insurance/international medical insurance, specifically:

1) What company have you used?
2) Did you have to actually use it?
3) How much did you pay for it?
4) What did you use it for?
5) What is your understanding of what it actually covers?
6) Did it advertise any other services that you used (advice, phone a friend, website, pre-expedition medical planning, immunizations, etc)?




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My wife and I have MEDIVAC and SAR insurance through GEOS Alliance. It is tied to our Delorme inReach so that all we have to do is push the button.

International SAR is about $30/year for the two of us, International MEDIVAC and repatriation is about $340/year.

The SAR is insurance, the MEDIVAC is a membership program (meaning SAR will reimburse but MEDIVAC everything has to be coordinated through them)



I've used World Nomads years ago. Martin Davies recommended it to me and they seem well suited to our needs. Can't give a personal recommendation as I didn't need any medical attention but I was happy to have their coverage.


I use Calstar which just merged with Enloe giving you twice the coverage at the same price of 40/year. Everyone in your household is also covered at no cost. https://calstar.org/

It's amazing. I used it almost 3 years ago. Helicopter bill for a 10 minute flight was $24,000. I didn't pay a dime.

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I liked RipCord enough i did the same for my recent month long motorcycle ride through Patagonia. I did end up with some x rays-, and a bad sprained ankle. The Ripcord team was on it, and ready to evacuate me to my home town hospital. The communication was great, they has all their ( and my) ducks in a row.


I have used Skymed and like them. I have not had to use them yet but came pretty close last October after crashing a motorcycle in rural central Mexico.


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not a medivac case, but when we were stuck in Guatemala not able to move past Nicaragua due to the political unrest, World Nomads were of no help whatsoever and left us high and dry. I changed to another UK insurer for the rest of my trip. Won't give WN any more of my money....