Ex-Officio Mens Give-n-go boxer briefs: a brief review

I had a bit of a hard time deciding wether i should post this review, but i think it will be helpful for someone on the fence about spending 25 bucks on one pair of underwear. I had a hard time coughing up $25 for a pair of underwear, but if you take a step back and think about it; underwear is arguably one of the most important clothing items we carry on any extended overland excursion. Isn't it? Well unless you are a "commando" kind of guy the answer would be either cold weather gear or underwear.

My usual under garb of choice is a Costco 3 pack of Champion boxer briefs. After a year and a half on the road with six pairs of said undies, I can firmly say: bad idea, never again. They are not 100% cotton, but they have enough cotton that a few hours of Panamanian heat will have your junk in a wet sauna that will not dry anytime soon (pardon my poor writing skills and lack of class). This is not only uncomfortable, it is not healthy or hygienic either. Washing said underwear required 2 or 3 hours of sun to allow for drying, a luxury not available in Costa Rica for most of the rainy season (it is warm, but also super humid... Mold everywhere in the Landcruiser kinda humid).

Enter the Ex-Officio Give-N-Go boxer briefs and the claims by the folks at Ex-Officio:
  1. Odor resistant and moisture wicking
    Extremely breathable and air dries quickly
    Terry elastic back and functional fly
They had me at moisture wicking. I sucked it up and ordered 2 pair. I have been using them now for 2 weeks (i have washed them :) ) and I must say -with fear of sounding a bit exaggerated- that I may never buy any other brand of underwear.

They are very light, breathable, extremely comfortable and they do dry in a short period even with high humidity and low temps. The fly is a bit useless for my preference, i just pull the elastic down when nature calls, but I am sure some people use it.

Now a small disclaimer: I am currently visiting in the U.S. and conditions will not be the same once we hit the road towards south America next week. So I will write an addendum to this review in a few weeks and perhaps again in a few months to give you a better idea of long term performance.


Cheers Luis! I find that sometimes its the simplest of things that can make a trip, especially a long one, more successful.


I second the rave reviews on their boxer briefs. I bought four pair of them when REI had them for 13 bucks each. Will stock up heavily if I see a price like that again.

I was using Patagonias before, but the Patagonias wore out too fast. BTW, I accidently bought some of their briefs, instead of their boxer briefs. The seam around the leg begins and ends on the backside of the leg, so that that little knot of fabric digs into your leg all day. What a stupid design! When I contacted them about it (because that's how much that knot dug into me), they could have cared less. So long, Patagonia...

I have done what Ex Officio brags about; wearing one while washing the other, wringing it out in a towel, and drying overnight. Works like a champ! Travel light! And they seem to be pretty durable.

I'll never buy another brand.
I just ran into a very thorough review and well written article on the Give-N-Go underwear courtesy of @OverlandGourmet.

The article is written by TrackPete here is the link


I spent the summer testing these out. I've been on the road since June 1st, only had 2 weeks at home. I haven't been offroading but I've been travelling with the full intention of having no more than a backpack of clothing for everything since June and it's worked. I bought 3 pairs of the Ex Officio Boxer briefs and have been rotating them. Best $75 I ever spent. Obscenely comfortable. Very breathable. As was stated, they dry easy and fast. The best part is I never know what kind of facilities I'm going to have so I tried hand washing these in the sink. Any available soap works on these. I've used detergent, hand soap and dish soap. Drying is a simple process of wring them out and hang them up the night before or if you need a quick dry - lay a dry towel flat, lay them on the towel, roll the two up like a swiss cake roll them wring the dry towel, and then take out the EO's and put them where they can catch a direct wind (no pun intended) and they will dry in half an hour. Faster if you have a hair dryer.


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Out of all the great experiences you've had in the last 5 months exploring in latin america

the best thing you can come up with is UNDERPANTS !

Out of all the great experiences you've had in the last 5 months exploring in latin america

the best thing you can come up with is UNDERPANTS !

I wrote the OP in November of last year while we where in Costa Rica (I think)... But don't underestimate the importance of chafe-age, a pair of underwear that limit chafe are IMHO worth their weight in gold... The give-n-go's are awesome. I have been using 2 pairs (and no other underwear) since last October, no chafe and they dry in a few hours even in high humidity areas.

As the comic book shop owner in the Simpsons would say: Best underwear, ever.


My only complaint about them is that I have had the waistband on several of them lose it's elasticity. I wash them per the directions, but maybe they just don't like my washing machine. Unfortunately, I don't have a stream or big rock nearby to bang them on.
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I usually wash them in sinks by hand. In camp I sometimes put them in a large Tupperware with soapy water and just shake it for a while, let it soak and rinse... Works like a charm! We have a drying line inside the LandCruiser hung between the grab bars of the backseat, there is usually underwear and a packtowl hanging.