Examples of hard side pop up camers?

I'm starting to design a hard sided popup to put on a flatbed RAM 3500, and am looking for examples & inspiration. I've looked through the site for ideas, but am afraid I've missed some because of the way the site is organized (by vehicle type, not living space type).

Is there any sort of list of campers/RVs?

If not, can you post your favorite hardside popups to help me make sure I don't miss any?

Thanks - can't wait to start posting my build progress.
Thanks for the replies.

I'm hoping to find threads about building them. I won't be spending $100k on having one made, and would like to see what techniques other people have used.
See my build for v2.0 in my signature below. Mine is a combo hard side and soft side but the approach I used for the hard side part could be used alone I think.

Best of luck with the build, hope you document things here. As you have found, not a ton of info on DIY hard side pop-ups out there.